10 tips to give a good feeling in your video calls

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Video calls are essential in today's remote world. This post provides 10 tips to perfect your video call etiquette through professional appearance, ideal setup, engagement, communication clarity, limiting distractions, and follow-up.


  • Video calls enable remote collaboration
  • Challenges of good impressions through a screen
  • The following etiquette for the polished, thoughtful presence

Dress for Success: Look Sharp and Neat

Your appearance influences perceptions. Follow these clothing tips:

Wear Neat, Wrinkle-Free Attire

  • Opt for pressed shirts, blouses, trousers, blazers, skirts, and dresses
  • Avoid wrinkled, stained, or ripped clothing with holes or fraying
  • Keep accessories simple - avoid loud jewelry or hats

Project Professionalism

  • Stick to solid colors or subtle patterns over loud prints
  • Prevent wardrobe malfunctions with well-fitting clothes
  • Show only professional personal branding/logos

Follow Dress Code Expectations

  • Align with company culture and manager expectations
  • Formal business attire for client presentations
  • Smart casual for internal video conferences
ProfessionalBusiness CasualSmart Casual
Suit jacketBlazer with dress shirtPolo shirt
Button-down shirtBlazer with a dress shirtNice jeans
Leather shoesLoafersCasual shoes

Set the Stage: Optimize Your Space

Your environment impacts perceived professionalism. Implement these setup tips:

Choose an Appropriate Room

  • Pick a private, quiet space with no distractions
  • Close doors and windows to minimize ambient noises
  • Face a solid wall with professional decor
  • Ensure adequate lighting on your face

Position Your Camera Properly

  • Place camera at eye level for natural eye contact
  • Frame yourself from the chest up with hands visible
  • Angle camera to capture your best angle

Address Visual Distractions

  • Remove clutter from the background
  • Minimize visual noise and text behind you
  • Add plants or art for subtle personalized flair
Simple backgroundMessy background
Direct lightingHarsh overhead lighting
Eye level cameraLow camera angle

Engage Through Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact fosters deeper connections:

Look at Your Camera When Speaking

  • Stare directly at your camera lens
  • Avoid looking at yourself or your screen

Use Facial Expressions

  • Smile, nod, and use affirming gestures
  • Convey reactions through your face

Take Visual Notes

  • Jot down key points to show focus
  • Doodle relevant images or ideas

Speak to Be Understood

Adjust your speech patterns for clarity:

Enunciate and Modulate Tone

  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Vary tone and inflection for emphasis

Summarize and Invite Questions

  • Recap important points and next steps
  • Pause to allow others to ask questions

Avoid Filler Words and Interruptions

  • Cut down on "ums", "likes", and nervous tics
  • Don't speak over others or interrupt

Filter Out Distractions

Minimize disruptions with these tips:

Eliminate Onscreen Clutter

  • Close unneeded windows, apps, and browsers
  • Disable pop-up notifications during meetings

Create a Distraction-Free Zone

  • Add a "Do not disturb" sign to your door
  • Silence mobile devices and exit extra apps
  • Use a headset for optimal sound

Remain Focused

  • Avoid multi-tasking or wandering attention
  • Mute yourself when not speaking

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