10 Waze tips to get the most out of it

GPS navigation apps for Android, Waze is one of the most featured. And it is that, even if Google bought it in 2013we continue to see that this app offers interesting functions that the Google maps application does not yet have.

In any case, this is not a post to compare Google Maps and Waze. Here we will try to show you features to get the most out of Waze and make browsing much more comfortable for you.

Save time setting up your home and work

It’s one of the shortcuts you’ll use most often, and if you use Waze daily to check for traffic, speed cameras and the like, you’ll surely get the route to your home or work. And since doing it manually can be tedious, you can set location to save.

Work from home Waze

Just go to the section My Waze and select the sections of House Yes Work. Once you enter each of them, you must write the exact address wherever it is and save it. So whenever you access Waze, you can click on these shortcuts and the route will automatically appear on the screen.

Receive alerts if you exceed the maximum speed

There will be no better speedometer than that marked by the car’s own panel, although the Waze system is very fine in this respect and is ideal for do not accelerate more than necessary. For this you will not only be able to have on the Waze screen the speed at which you are driving, but you will also be able to have alerts when you exceed the maximum speed of the road.


To do this, you just have to go to the application settings and go to Speedometer. Once there, you can configure different sections of the speed. What’s interesting here is that in addition to being able to activate the alerts, you can choose whether you want them to activate each time you exceed the speed or when it is higher by 5, 10, 15 or 20 km/h (this can also be set as a percentage).

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Set up alerts for accidents, traffic jams and even police checks

In line with the above, in Waze you can also configure other voice alerts in various situations such as those you will find by going to the settings and then on Alerts and Notices and finally alerts. Radar warnings, level crossings, police, accidents or hazards are just a few examples.


It must be said that the issue of speed cameras and police checks have been heavily restricted in recent years. However, apps like Waze feed on the advice of others Wazers to make a recording and thus be able to alert the drivers who have activated these alerts.

Avoid being overwhelmed by so many elements on the screen


By default, on the Waze browsing screen, you may encounter various items that may distract you, such as other users using Waze and traffic. However, you can have a cleaner interface keeping it minimal if you go to settings and then to Visualization and map and disable options show wazers Yes show traffic.

Check the price of gasoline


With the rise of gasoline prices been living lately know the price of fuel It is essential before stopping to refuel. With the firm intention of helping us find the cheapest gas station from our mobile, Waze offers the updated price of gas stations by clicking on the search field and then on the gas station icon.

Start the journey without fear of encountering traffic

Plan a trip

If you have the ability to choose when to depart for your destination, Waze’s feature for find the best departure time it is ideal. You will find it when drawing up a route and, by clicking on it, you will be able to see the level of traffic expected in different time slots. You can even change the day to see what’s expected next.

Quickly share your route

It is a base in any self-respecting mapping application and in Waze it was not going to be less. If you wish it one or more other people know your route, you can send it quickly. While it is true that you will see it in more detail with the Waze application, the truth is that it will not be necessary, since it can be opened in the web browser.

Share Waze Route

To do this, you just have to open the travel options and look at the ** options at the bottom **, having to click carpooling. Once you give it, the classic sharing options will open, allowing you to choose between different apps (including WhatsApp, of course).

You can guide yourself by voice!

Although Waze offers plenty of voices, the truth is that they may be too flat or robotic for you. Power record directions yourself It is an extremely interesting function to break this monotony, even if the names of the streets and a little more particular indications will not be available.


Anyway, just go to settings and then to voice instructions and finally click on Add voice. Here you will find a large list of instructions that you can record with your mobile so that during navigation it is the voice that resounds.

Routes with intermediate stops


Not always we travel, we do it with traction and power configure the stop in advance on a service road, a city or any other place can be interesting. To do this, you just have to choose your destination normally and in the previous panel that appears before starting the route, click on add a stop and choose where you want to put the stop.

Plan your routes according to the calendar

Waze Calendar

If you have a trip planned and you have saved it like this in your calendar, Waze can sync so you have your route ready without having to enter it manually. Just go to app settings and then scheduled trips and there click on Connect to calendar.

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