7 information you’ll encounter when updating your Xiaomi to MIUI 13.5

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MIUI 13.5 is Xiaomi's next iteration of its Android-based operating system that will bring new features and enhancements to Xiaomi devices. Here is an overview of some of the key additions expected in MIUI 13.5:

Refined System Interface

  • Improved one-handed usability by moving menu options to the center of the screen for easier access
  • Simplified display refresh rate selection menu
  • Redesigned recent apps interface for better visualization of floating apps
  • Smaller fonts and icons in the camera app for clearer viewing

Connectivity Enhancements

  • Ability to share internet connection via Ethernet
  • Faster and more reliable Wi-Fi connectivity

Performance Optimizations

  • Further improvements to system fluidity and stability
  • Faster application launch times compared to MIUI 13

Personalization Options

  • New always-on display themes and customizations
  • Additional live wallpapers and dynamic backgrounds

Battery Life Improvements

  • Enhanced battery efficiency through software optimizations
  • Potential for increased screen-on time compared to MIUI 13

Strengthened Security

  • Updates to built-in security features
  • Better protection against malware and viruses

The launch date for MIUI 13.5 is still unannounced. However, based on past timelines, the rollout could begin soon for Xiaomi devices running Android 12. The update will likely be gradually released for different device models.

MIUI 13.5 promises to bring helpful refinements to the Xiaomi device experience. Key goals seem to be smoother performance, easier one-handed use, and interface customization. For Xiaomi users, the update should provide a more polished and personalized software experience.

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