8 Titles To Check Out Next After Watching Paper Girls

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When Amazon Prime Video first announced its new series Paper Girls, it drew immediate comparisons to Netflix's hit 80s nostalgia show Stranger Things. However, Paper Girls quickly establishes its own unique tone and story that goes beyond those surface similarities.

If you've already binged the first season of Paper Girls and are looking for recommendations on what to watch next, here are 8 more titles to check out:

1. Shining Girls

Streaming ServiceAbout the Show
Apple TV+Like Paper GirlsShining Girls also utilizes time travel and a shifting sense of reality as a woman tries to make sense of her disjointed memories and track down her attacker through history.
Shining Girls features gripping performances and a mystery that deepens episode by episode. Fans of Paper Girls' sci-fi twists will find a lot to love in this mind-bending thriller.

2. Stranger Things

Streaming ServiceAbout the Show
NetflixWhile Paper Girls puts its own spin on the 80s kids adventure genre, fans of that nostalgic vibe will enjoy Stranger Things' supernatural mysteries.
With its throwback setting and focus on a close group of friends, Stranger Things matches much of the heart of Paper Girls beneath its sci-fi exterior.

3. Outlander

Streaming ServiceAbout the Show
StarzCentered around a time-traveling nurse from the 1940s who finds herself transported to 18th-century Scotland, Outlander shares Paper Girls' central theme of a character displaced in time.
Outlander combines romantic drama with exciting time travel adventures in a binge-worthy series.

4. The Wilds

Streaming ServiceAbout the Show
Amazon Prime VideoAmazon's The Wilds also focuses on a group of teenage girls with differing backgrounds forced to work together to survive mysterious circumstances.
The Wilds takes Paper Girls' core team dynamic into a desert island setting for a thrilling survival saga.

5. Loki

Streaming ServiceAbout the Show
Disney+Loki's adventures through the multiverse and run-ins with the Time Variance Authority share Paper Girls' central time travel hooks.
Loki brings wit and fun to the time travel genre with a fan-favorite anti-hero at the center.

6. The OA

Streaming ServiceAbout the Show
NetflixThe OA has a similar eerie, mystical tone as Paper Girls and incorporates interdimensional travel in telling the story of a missing woman's return.
The OA pulls you into its otherworldly atmosphere and moving character journeys.

7. Orphan Black

Streaming ServiceAbout the Show
Amazon Prime VideoWhile without the time travel element, Orphan Black also explores identity through characters encountering their clones, similar to how the Paper Girls meet their future selves.
Orphan Black delivers a thrilling sci-fi story anchored by an incredible lead performance.

8. Russian Doll

Streaming ServiceAbout the Show
NetflixWith a plot centered around a woman stuck in a time loop, Russian Doll shares Paper Girl's sci-fi take on time anomalies.
Russian Doll puts an inventive dark comedy spin on the time travel premise.

These 8 shows all have elements in common with Paper Girls, whether it's time travel, coming-of-age stories, or thought-provoking sci-fi premises. Fans of Paper Girls' mix of nostalgia, mystery, and relatable characters should find something to enjoy in each of these selections.

Have you watched Paper Girls or any of these other shows? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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