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The mysterious shipment of substances by parcel post He attracts the attention of police from different countries and the agents sound the alarm. In Spain, researchers are starting to pull the thread and reach a family from Granada, as the investigative team gathered in a 2019 program that laSexta rebroadcast last Friday.

Among the catalog of over 100 substances that investigators say they distribute is the dangerous cannibal drug. “At the cerebral level, it produces hyperexcitability which can lead to aggressive episodes, hallucinations, convulsions, epileptic seizures, cerebral hemorrhages, strokes, tachycardia, hypertension, shut down of the arteries and which causes a lack of blood supply and causes physical illnesses”, warns Benjamín Climent, head of the clinical toxicology unit at the General Hospital of Valencia.

According to the investigation, the Granada family deliveries with these new synthetic drugs in more than 40 countries. The fame that begins to be created about them in different Internet forums makes their success, according to Francisco Torres, captain of the Civil Guard.

The business grew so much that the Civil Guard discovered that Granada’s family install a second distribution point in a Valencian town of 20,000 inhabitants, La Pobla de Vallbona.

Researchers focus on a post office and manage to identify the presumed leader of the new delegation.

“Naila María is a friend of Estefanía (daughter of the family), she met her while doing her nursing degree and from that moment went to work for the family“, explains Captain Torres.

“I know Naila for having delivered many parcels, she is a very nice and very nice girl, I didn’t suspect a thing“, reveals a post office employee.

The investigation team moves into the house where Naila lives and manages to find her on the street. When inquiring about his indicted for belonging to a network that allegedly distributed synthetic drugs everywhere in the world, shut up. He does the same when asked about the discovery by the Civil Guard of a million doses of LSD in his house.

Entering the house, Naila shouts to her mother: “Mom, they put me live on television, the investigation team, because of José. Mom, what am I doing?”.

On another side, Research team shows how aggression, hallucinations, convulsions and seizures can occur. You can watch the moment in the video below.

*The content the information refers to is part of a 2019 Investigative Team show that laSexta rebroadcast last Friday.

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