“A government crisis is not in my plans”

It doesn’t fit into my plans make any Government in crisis”. The President of the Government, Pedro Sanchezhas spoken out squarely against the information published in recent hours which indicates that the Secretary General of the PSOE would also consider sending several members of the executive to compete in the municipal elections next May.

Asked by journalists during his tenth visit to the island of La Palma, the chief executive described what was published as “drunkenness” and assured that he is “proud” of the work of his cabinet , that it is “stable”. and will last until the end of the legislature.

According to what ‘El Español’ published, Sánchez would appreciate sending the Minister of Health, caroline darias -present, precisely, with him during the visit-, return to local politics leading the candidacy for the city council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, while the heads of science and transport, Diana Morant and Raquel Sanchezcould lead the socialist plates in Valencia and Barcelona, ​​respectively.

The government crisis has been talked about in political gossip since the poor socialist results in Andalusia, where the Popular Party obtained a historic absolute majority, although it was silenced after the modification of the PSOE executive carried out last July .

However, Sánchez insisted he was in the media “something I didn’t even think about” in order to convey to public opinion the image that “it is not a stable government”.

Confirms that there has been an agreement with the PP for the CGPJ

On the other hand, the President also confirmed the information provided by El País, according to which the PSOE – through the Minister Felix Bolanos– and the PP, still led by Paul married, they would have signed in October 2021 the modification of the law of the Judiciary to be able to renew the Constitutional Court. An extreme which, until now, had denied the new direction chaired by Alberto Nunez Feijoo. “I confirm that there has been an agreement with the leadership of the PP to renew the CGPJ and I ask that it respects what has been signed. Not only with what has been signed, that it respects the law and the Constitution,” he said.

Sánchez was very tough with the popular, whom he called on to respect the law and the Constitution and to put aside obstructionism. “The General Council of the Judiciary has blocked 1,351 days“, underlined the president, who called for “responsibility and constitutional loyalty”. “This obstructive, blocking attitude of saying no to everything and no to the renewal of the government of one of the main powers… It is unprecedented in Europe and in the democratic history of our country”.

For the PP, he also received messages related to energy saving measures, against which part of the party – a faction led by the president of Madrid, Isabelle Diaz Ayuso– strongly opposed it. “These are measures that all Member States have adopted following a great agreement within the European Commission and the European Council to deal with energy blackmail,” said the President, insisting on the need to be “solidarity” with the most exposed. Russian-powered countries, such as Germany. “I call for responsibility and unity, separating the partisan struggle from a central issue for the development and cohesion of Europe”, he underlined.

Sánchez claimed “the spirit of La Palma”, where all institutions and administrations worked together, on issues such as the eruption of the volcano and also the fight against the pandemic. In this sense, he announced the approval in the Council of Ministers next Tuesday of the law that launches the National Center for Public Health, an institution to leave the country “better prepared and better protected against the consequences of any community communicable disease”.

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