Albares goes to Brussels to resolve the diplomatic crisis

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Albaresis going to Brussels this Friday to address the diplomatic crisis with Algeria with European Union Trade Policy Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis after the African country suspended friendship treaty Yes frozen all foreign trade operations with Spain because of the government’s turn regarding the Sahara.

Thus, in the last hours, the Executive is analyzing “the practical scopeboth at national and European level” of the Algiers decision, with a view to giving “calm, constructive, but firm” response in favor of Spanish interests and in coordination with European authorities, according to Albares.

The government defends that Spain’s will is to maintain the best relations with the North African country and, in the short term, to guarantee that trading freeze does not affect gas supplywhile the European Commission itself has indicated in recent hours that it considers the suspension of the friendship treaty “extremely worrying” and urged Algeria to back down.

What about the gas supply?

The clash with Algeria came after Pedro Sanchez reported to Congress new relations with Morocco and defend his change of position on Western Sahara and on the same day as the Lower House validated the gas price cap decree under the “Iberian exception”, approved by Brussels, to lower electricity prices.

The diplomatic crisis, in any case, raises some concerns about the continuity of the gas supply to our country. The third vice-president answered this question, Therese Riverathis Thursday at In bright redwhere he pointed out that believes that the supply is guaranteedbecause the importing companies “have contracts whose validity goes beyond this exceptional situation”.

Thus, he specified that the political relations between Madrid and Algiers “must not affect the contractual relations” of the distribution companies with the Spanish companies. “Everything makes us think that it will continue to operate normallyand hopefully soon with the restoration of normalcy in diplomatic relations,” he said, as you can see here:

“Redirecting” the diplomatic crisis

Shortly before, the second vice-president, Yolanda Diazalso spoke in Al Rojo Vivo on the crisis with a “fundamental” ally and admitted the “concern” that this generates in the coalition executive, although he wanted to convey “a certain tranquility” because “the Executive is working to recompose relations diplomatic”.

“The government is working to redirect the situation”insisted during the interview, as you can see in this video:

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