Alberto Chicote’s curious “anti-stress therapy” for the owner and the chef of the Phoenix to resolve their conflicts

In one of the Nightmare in the Kitchen programs, Alberto Chicote visited the Phoenix restaurant, a place in Elche where the quality of the food they serve leaves the chef of Nightmare in the kitchen horrified.

In addition, Alberto Chicote hallucinated with the behavior of Cristian, the owner of the restaurant Phoenix. Since shout and argue between waiter and cook, even having to supervise the making of simple dumplings, this is the scenario with which the chef of Nightmare in the kitchen had to mess around at the Elche restaurant. Faced with this lack of listening, bad answers and numerous complaints, Alberto Chicote suggested that they both break old pots while they tell each other what bothers them about each other. You can see the moment in the video above.

At, we collect the best moments from the library of the Nightmare in the Kitchen newspaper.

other moments But that moment wasn’t the only time Alberto Chicote marveled at the character of the Phoenix owner and the rest of the team. “Oh, Madonna, light us up or light this one up,” the A Nightmare in the Kitchen host said, looking up at the ceiling. And it is that Alberto Chicote even had to look for how to “fry dumplings” due to the owner’s inability to perform the service. You can see the moment in the nextvideo


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