Alberto Chicote’s reaction when he realizes he was overcharged at ‘Don Super Pollo’

In another Nightmare in the Kitchen show, Alberto Chicote settles in Mataró, north of Barcelona. There, in the middle of the industrial area, was Don Super Pollo, a restaurant specializing in grilled meat and chicken that Miguel, a businessman, opened for his wife Helena, a hotelier who had always dreamed of having his own company.

During his visit to the restaurant, Alberto Chicote faced Nightmare staff in the kitchen who teased him every chance he got and where all the workers “fucked” each other. Below we review the best moments of Cauchemar en cuisine: Don Super Pollo.

The Kitchen Nightmare chef has decided interrogate in the service they offer to take food in the car. Chicote ordered half a chicken, but when he opened the package, he realized he had been charged for a whole chicken. A joke that surprised the cookas you can see in the following video.

Of course, although they overcharged him, the chicken was good, so Chicote decided to check the operation of the service to find out what was wrong. During the first service, customers began to return the plates. And it is that Chicote realized that the food they served, far from being homemade, was frozen. Like a lasagna that caused tensions between the chef of Cauchemar en cuisine and the chef. “Very smart, I’m not very smart, but I’m not very stupid, not very stupid either“Chicote said brightly in the face of such mockery.

But the thing did not stop there and it was only in the middle of the second serveChicote asked the owner for more responsibility and leadership in the face of continued service errors, but Helena entered a state of despair which caused her to leave. In the following video you can see how Chicote ran after her: “Don’t make me run, I’m too fat“.

After the end of the service, the staff began to argue and a rough confrontation broke out between the head waiter and a waiter in which the owner and the chef tried to intervene without much success: “He’s a killer, he doesn’t have the balls to slap me“.

At, we collect the best moments from the library of the Nightmare in the Kitchen newspaper.

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