An Altered Cannibal Drug and Other Designer Substances Put a Grenada Family in the Spotlight

After police from multiple countries intercepted letters containing suspicious substances, clues led to a family in Grenada who, allegedly, allegedly distributed synthetic drugs in different parts of Europeas reflected by the research team in a 2019 program that laSexta reissued this Friday.

The researchers discover that they camouflage their laboratory by chemical company which supports worldwide orders and bitcoin payments.

The investigation team is looking in Holland for where they are supposed to cook their medicine, apparently the company is still active, but when they get there the journalists find a place from which they seem to have escaped.

When they ask for drugs in other nearby laboratories, they get nervous and chemists allegedly hired by alleged organization leader avoid making statements.

According to the researchers, from the laboratory in the Netherlands, they send to Granada 122 kilos of synthetic drugs. Officers intercept several of these packages and discover that the products are shipped perfectly labeled with their chemical formula.

“We have everything from synthetic cannabinoids, amphetamines and derivatives, hallucinogens, dissociatives, cathinones, cathinone derivatives…”, says Maite Grande, expert in chemical toxicology.

Of all the substances, the one that repeats the most is commonly known as cannibal drug. “It’s very dangerous because it produces psychotic-like images. There are modified versions […] As soon as we make a chemical change to the structure, we turn it into a different drug and it would enter this realm of ‘legality’, a loophole,” Grande adds.

According to the expert in chemical toxicology, they would not be committing a crime for drug trafficking, but a crime against public health because “testing unknown substances in people who use them“.

On the other hand, the research team reflects how this family from Granada tries to lead a discreet life in front of their neighbors, but claims a high standard of living on the networks. You can watch the moment in the video below.

*The content to which the information refers is part of a 2019 Investigation Team program that laSexta republished this Friday.

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