Android 12 now suggests who to share the screenshots you take

The latest Android System Intelligence update is making some Android 12 phones a little smarter: they start to suggest who to share a screenshot withwith a single touch.

The novelty is integrated into the new superimposed interface that appears when taking a screenshot and in which, for example, the button to take scrolling screenshots is displayed. is coming now a new button with the name of a contact recent, to send you the capture quickly.

capture and send

Sometimes you take screenshots for yourself and other times to share them with other people. In this second case, you have the option to open the conversation in the app and attach the file, or use the share button. In Android 12 a new method is now being activated: by contact suggestions.

How to take screenshots on Android phones

This novelty takes the form of a button in the options bar that appears when taking a screenshot in Android 12. Until now, the buttons for Edit, Share and Capture more appeared in this bar, but with the latest Android System Intelligence update suggestions of contacts will start to appear. Of course, when there are many buttons, it is necessary to use the horizontal scroll to get to the suggestion.


To which contact to send that screenshot? Google will use the “intelligence” of Android System Intelligence to choose it, so similar to how suggestions appear when using the Android share menu and drinking from conversations, another new feature of Android 12. At first, it will probably be mainly the most recent chats in which you have interacted.

In this suggestion you will see the name of the contact, their profile picture and a small overlay icon that tells you which application they belong to. Don’t worry, the button doesn’t send it without confirmation, but attach it to the message, but you are the one who must send it.

Like most of these smart features, screenshot sharing suggestions are rolling out first on Google Pixels, though they could theoretically come to any Android 12 phone that maintains the stock screenshot functionality. The only requirement is to have Android System Intelligence S.25whose update is now available on Google Play.

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