Apple could have made over $6 billion by scrapping chargers and headphones

According to the Daily Mail, Apple could have made $6.5 billion by removing iPhone chargers and headphones from the box.

Apple’s most controversial decision of late was remove the charger and headphones from the box of your smartphonesfrom the iPhone 12. Obviously, the reason given by the Cupertino-based company to justify this decision is that it reduces the carbon footprint of 2 million tons of electronic waste, which is equivalent to taking 500,000 cars off the road.

Corn, a recent report from the Daily Mail calls into question the good intentions of the American firm with this measure, since it affirms that Apple could have made over $6 billion by removing chargers and headphones from iPhone cases.

The iPhone 12 was the first Apple device to ship without a charger or headphones in the box

Removing the charger and headphones from the iPhone box is very profitable for Apple

According to the Daily Mail, Apple could have won, in total, $6.5 billion by removing chargers and headphones from iPhone casesif we add the money saved thanks to this maneuver and money saved on shipping.

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This Apple profit figure is the result of multiplying the money saved on each iPhone thanks to this initiative, $35multiplied by the number of units sold since this measurement, 190 million.

But, the profits of Apple with this movement do not stop there, since, according to this report, the American giant would have entered a total of $293.4 million for the sale of accessories derived from the absence of chargers in the cases of their terminals, since users who wanted to charge their iPhone faster or have wired headphones like those that preceded in the case had to pay, at a minimum, $19 for each of these accessories.

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According to the same report, these benefits Apple’s earnings rose and its stock price rose and therefore, this strategy only benefits the American company, because despite the fact that they have reduced the shipping costs of the iPhones, the users must continue to pay the same to obtain one of the terminals of the Cupertino company.

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