Arrested third criminal on Spain’s 10 most wanted fugitives list

National Police arrested in San Juan (Alicante) one of the fugitives who figured on the most wanted list by the forces and organs of the State. The man had been a fugitive since being convicted in February last year for having sexually abused his daughter in 2008when the girl was 5 years.

As police reported in a statement, the location of Diego Dario González Ghersi has been “extremely difficult“since he had recourse to a”big physical changeto avoid being identified from his previous appearance.

In addition to grow beard and long hairand dye them blond, the arrested person used colored contact lenses, models to simulate your size and rose tattoos to hide the ones you already had before.

With the arrest of this individual, who was the subject of a warrant for his arrest and a prison sentence after his conviction, today there are seven fugitives that make up the list of the “most wanted” of the National Police.

After joining this list last June, the agents had various information that could locate the fugitive in the province of Alicante. For several months, investigators made many inquiries until they were able to locate his residence in the San Juan area, although his final location was “extremely difficultfor the “big change” in physical appearance to avoid recognition.

Officers also verified that he continually changed his address and did unskilled labor to survive and live without attracting attention. Finally, around 2:00 p.m. Tuesday, he was arrested.

Arrested third criminal on Spains 10 most wanted fugitives list

González Ghersi He had been a fugitive from Spanish justice since February last year when he was sentenced to prison for sexual abuse. Specifically, the events date back to 2008 when the wanted man abused his daughter who, at the time, was five years old.

According to the complaint filed by her former companion, the girl was “sad, downcast and reluctant“to spend the weekends with his father who, at home, I have watched films with pornographic content. The minor said that she had been touched on her private parts, both above and below her clothes, even when she was naked. Moreover, his father told him that it was a secret that he should not reveal to anyone.

Last June, the National Police released the list of the ten most wanted fugitives in order to solicit the collaboration of citizens for its location. With the location and arrest of Diego Darío González Ghersi, and in just two months, the list is already made up of only seven fugitives.

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