Arsenal’ and 5 other docu-series that teach us the secrets of elite athletes

‘All or nothing’ He showed us behind the scenes of different teams in the premier league. It was first the Tottenham Hotspur and after the Manchester City. Since there is no two without three, it is now the turn of the Arsenal. These new episodes take us as viewers through a crucial season for one of the most important football clubs in the world. We’ll see how they focus all their efforts on fighting for success at grassroots level and returning to Europe’s elite competition. In addition to capturing the ups and downs of life in the Emirates Stadium and at Arsenal’s training center, the cameras ‘All or nothing’ They follow the team’s team off the field to examine the daily challenges elite athletes face during the demanding competition schedule.

And that is, after all, what keeps us hooked on seeing these docuseries. In other words, everything that, as fans of our favorite athletes and clubs, we don’t normally get to see. For some time now, several documentary series have been devoted to reviewing and deepening the nooks and crannies of the lives of various athletes and teams in order to have a somewhat broader vision of what it means to live a life that for many is a dream. Let’s review some of the best…

‘The Last Dance’

Platform: Netflix

If there is one athlete who has dazzled sports fans generation after generation, it is Michael Jordan. This docuseries was a hit when it premiered in 2020 because it showed us footage that basketball and sports fans hadn’t been able to see until then. Through extensive documentation work and interviews with almost all of the members of this scroll who have been the Chicago Bulls of the 90s, we could see how the successful career of the best basketball player in history was forged without avoiding some of the darkest moments of his life like the murder of his father or his rivalry with isiah thomas to give just two examples but there is much more: the eccentricity of Denis Rodmanthe dissatisfaction of scottie pippen with the directors of the Bulls… and all of this mounted with a tremendous pulse that makes it impossible not to hang on from one chapter to the next.

“Sainz: live to compete”

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Its five episodes retrace both the career of best engine driver in our historyas your gift to Dakar (from which he has also emerged victorious twice) and his life when he is not in a car traveling at more than 200 km/h. This series will far beyond sports. We will see why he got into rallying, how he built his success and legend in the Championship and how he earned the respect of the great drivers of his time and since. We will also get to know his most familiar side, and even how he pressures those around him so that he does not stop playing sports even on vacation.

‘Formula 1: drive to survive’

Platform: Netflix

We continue with the engine but in this case with the Great Circus. The Formula 1 is such an airtight sport, so closed off in some ways that a docuseries like this is almost essential for all of its fans. Throughout its four seasons, we can see how the teams on the grid cope with the difficulties that arise throughout the season. Whether it’s in the form of a crisis of results, a crisis… between their own riders… or the extreme and ruthless rivalry that exists when fighting for the world title. Without going any further, the fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton for the 2021 World Cup which ended in spectacular fashion at the last Grand Prix last year. We also enter places that anyone has strongly vetoed access such as team meetings where race strategy is decided. And the whole embellished with interviews of its main protagonists: the pilots and the team leaders.

They call me magic

Platform: AppleTV+

We return to basketball and hand in hand with the player who changed the way the game was played and all the activity in the NBA in the already legendary decade of the 1980s. If this documentary has its place here, it is for all what is not basketball and which surrounds the eternal figure of Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Because yes, the docu-series look back on the glorious days of Los Angeles Lakers in which a base of more than two meters revolutionized the league and invented the ‘show time’. But this title goes further. It also emphasizes the darkest episode in its history: the moment he had to announce to the world that he had been infected with HIV and had to leave the courts. He also talks about his relationship with his son, yesand acceptance of his sexual orientation when he openly confessed to his parents that he was gay.

‘Carolina Marín: I can because I think I can’

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

This docuseries, produced by ATRESMEDIA Studios, gives a very precise measure of what one of the best badminton players on the planet and one of our best athletes is. And in a good documentary series worthy of the name, we will not only accompany him in the good times, but also in the hardest times, such as during his recovery period after serious injury which caused him to miss the Tokyo Olympics. Because under his motto “I can because I think I can” hides an iron will that is proof against any doubt that makes him fight for what he wants.


Platform: Netflix (not available in Spain at the moment)

We know it’s not available in Spain but this docu-series it’s so good and so necessary that we couldn’t help but recommend it. Its 30-minute episodes examine our complex relationship to failure. We live in a winner-take-all society where losing is cause for rejection, laughter and shame. But what are we missing when we turn our backs on the lessons of failure? This title dives deep into these attitudes and subverts the very psychology of loss.

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