bathers have already suffered their bites

The heat wave the sea temperature has risen. Therefore, the spider fish, normally found in the Mediterranean, was drawn to the Atlantic. This has meant that, so far, 140 swimmers squares in Cadiz have suffered the consequences of their stings: a sting that causes a Severe pain and which paralyzes the foot, according to one of the people affected.

However, this pain in the sole of the foot disappears within half an hour when apply hot water to expel toxins. 80% of bathers who have suffered this sting are concentrated in recent days due to the rise in temperatures, he assures Roldan’s GemCadiz 2000 lifeguard coordinator.

The spiderfish camouflages itself in the sand and bites when a swimmer attacks it. The sting is very painful and bothersome but normally it does not matter and it passes in a few hours, when the toxin is removed with the help of hot water or by burying the foot in the heat of the sand for 15 or 20 minutes.

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