Can you pass the EBAU? This app tells you if you’re ready for selectivity

The previously known as selectivity is about to start giving college access to all students who want to specialize in one of the careers available. Now okay: How to check if you are sufficiently prepared? Easy: with the Let’s EBAU application, an application created by teachers that allows you to measure knowledge in 15 subjects from questions asked on the phone.

Knowledge analysis with an aptitude test is the usual method for any examination, whether for school or driving. These trials their difficulty increases as the requirements are greater, as is obvious. And, in the case of EBAU (also called EVAU or PAU, depending on the Autonomous Communities), it makes sense that extensive preparation is needed to pass it. So, now that the specified date is approaching, how about checking in on how you are doing?

A comprehensive question-by-subject test

It is not that an application will solve the university entrance exam, but it will always be useful to discern whether the average level of each person is or is not fit to appear on the EBAU. This is exactly where the app we recommend points you: it allows you to virtually test yourself with over 5,000 different questions.

To start, and once Let’s EBAU Selectivitime is installed on your phone, you must register with a name and with the autonomous community where you plan to take the exam (a simple name is enough, you don’t even need the email). After recording, the app divides the content by topics. Applied mathematics, biology, geography, Latin… You must choose these subjects according to your different studies.

The application offers test type questions in which you will have to mark one of the proposed answers. There is also the possibility of play competitions against another user who is reviewing the same topic. And there is a third mode of use, the study: Lets EBAU Selectivitime contains hundreds of questions and solved problems which are only accessible to to those who join the community.

Let's Ebau

The application offers a clear interface, it is very manageable, the level of knowledge is high, all questions and answers are tailored to the needs of EBAU and they are carried out by teachers of the different subjects. It is a free application and does not contain any type of advertisement.

The application is not an application itself, it is a link to the Let’s EBAU site. You can do all the tests from the browser by accessing this page

Either EBAU Selectivitime seemed to us to be a great app for anyone who is about to take the exam in what used to be called selectivity. It allows you to consult the knowledge bases in a simple, fun and very complete way: in a few steps you will know whether or not you have prepared for the next EBAU.

Enables EBAU Selectivitime

Enables EBAU Selectivitime

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