Déborah Fernández stayed with her ex-boyfriend the afternoon she disappeared

Ten days after her disappearance, the body of Déborah Fernández, a 21-year-old girl from Vigo, appeared placed in a ditch near Portecelo in May 2002. The investigative team recalled what happened in a 2019 show that laSexta is rebroadcasting this Friday.

More than 20 years later, the case of Déborah Fernández prescribed. The judge dismissed new evidence while the family continues to point the finger at the ex-boyfriend of the young woman, the only one investigated.

The investigation team speaks with Rosa Fernández-Cervera, sister of Déborah Fernández, who tells how the young woman had stayed with her ex-boyfriend the day he disappeared.

Previously, Déborah went to a hairdresser near her home. “She went there to wax because her ex-partner was in VigoThey haven’t seen each other since Christmas and she’s getting ready because she wants to meet him,” her sister said.

“When my sister is at the hairdresser, she receives a call from her partner at the time to try to contact her. It was not the best time to talk and I know that a conversation does not last more than 40 seconds”, adds Rosa Fernández-Cervera.

The young woman’s sister recalls that the relationship between Déborah and her boyfriend was at that time in crisis: “My sister, two months before what happened, received calls from a girl asking who Déborah was, why she has a relationship with this boy and Deborah tells her the truth, that he is her partner. The other girl lets him know she’s his partner too and my sister gets mad and leaves him on the phone“.

Although having broken off their relationship, Déborah Fernández’s sister considers that the young woman wishes to see her ex-boyfriend again because “after a three-year relationship, it doesn’t end on the phoneWe have to talk about it in person.”

On another side, The investigation team analyzes the disturbing discovery of the body of Déborah Fernández. Commissioner Ángel Galán says it was fixed “with care”. You can watch the moment in the video below.

*The content to which the information refers is part of a 2019 Investigation Team show that laSexta is rebroadcasting this Friday.

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