“Education is the seed of a society”

Yesterday I visited El Intermedio Francois Veraa young environmental activist who is only 12 years old has not stopped him from becoming one of the most recognized voices of the fight against climate change. Wyoming was able to interview this child who, in addition to being a child adviser to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, is also the founder of the Guardians for Life movement, which brings together children from all over the world.

“How is it possible that young people are more aware of the importance of the environment?” asks the presenter of El Intermedio, a question that Vera attributes to the fact that children “connect more quickly with the nature”, while “adults when they grow up they lose that sensitivity“. For this reason, this young activist thinks that “not only do we need economic figures and values, but also human values“.

Francisco Vera also recently published a book, ‘Ask Francisco What is climate change’, a new facet that he adds to his many hobbies: “You have to allocate time well without overdoing it, but for me the most important is education, which is the germ of a society,” says this young man who, in the video above, leaves Wyoming almost speechless.

“Adults think they are superior”

“We live in a society where human beings believe themselves superior to other animals, men superior to women and adults superior to children,” explains the young activist who, in this video, speaks with Wyoming about climate change.

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