“Fanatic” has such a high tempo that “it’s like a machine gun and all it wants to do is kill the audience”

manage to see ‘Fanatic’ It’s like riding a roller coaster that will blow you away. Its premise is huge. ‘Chimera’ he is a trap singer who has everything to please. Success, fame, money… but, at the same time, he has nothing. In a spiral of destruction, he dies of an overdose on stage. But one of his fans, who bears a striking resemblance to the fallen star, decides leave everything to become him. Yes, he decides to pretend to be a dead man. How are your closest friends and legions of fans taking it? You’ll have to watch the series to find out, but if you want to know more about the Netflix title that opens this Friday and is going to have a lot to say, keep reading. We spoke with two of her secondary actors to continue immersing ourselves in her. Dollar Selmouni and Fernando Valdivieso they tell us…

What is “Fanatic”?

For starters, if you as viewers want to know what this series is like and whether it’s going to bite you or not, Fernando Valdivieso no beating around the bush: “It’s like something very special. It’s a series about the streets, about music, about success, about ambition and how fucked up fame can be”, he confesses . But of course, ‘Fanatic’ has something else that makes it addictive: its format. your chapters they last 14 minutes and they all end very high. With so few images, the series is careful not to give even a second of respite. “There is a saying that a chapter is about to end and you want to see the next one, right?” asks Dollar Selmouni, who continues to combine his career as a rapper with that of actor and who this time embodies ‘Pump’. “But the thing is, the fucking show has that. Since they give it to you in very short snippets, it ends and you say…all in all, I’m going to see it for a while.”

Dollar Selmouni is 'Pomp' in 'Fanatic'.

Out of breath

Continuing with the theme of rhythm, Valdivieso adds that “it’s bombing. The show is written like it’s a machine gun and the only thing it wants is to kill the audience (laughs).” It is attested that some episodes leave you mostly exhausted because of the seriousness of what is happening. From that superficiality to which it seems that we have come to stop caring that it is so easy to forget someone who died in tragic circumstances and that almost everyone around them decides to turn the page in pursuit of the show and, above all, out of their pockets.

It sounds very crazy and very exaggerated but Fernando Valdivieso don’t see it so different from our everyday life. “It’s like a portrait of the voracious society we live in, where artists are consumed as if they were a bag of pipes. One is thrown, the other rises. They are manipulated into descending , for them to come up… It’s an x-ray of the corrupt society we live in”.

‘Pump’ and Hector

Now let’s talk about how are your characters. We start with the Dollar Selmouni. “‘Pompa’ es la mano izquierda (de Quimera) después de la mujer. Lleva las redes sociales, el jugo… más que nada la tontería ¿no? , no matter”. In the case of Héctor, Fernando Valdivieso’s character, “he’s in an alley. It’s intuitive but you don’t really see what’s going on with the loss of this kid who is his artist”. With whom he makes more money than ever But really, what the series presents to us is his financial hole. Total bankruptcy, and this guy opts for a desperate strategy.”

Fernando Valdivieso is 'Hector' in 'Fanático'.


Interview time is short and you need to draw conclusions. Fernando has between his eyebrows for the audience. The series will now change hands. From its creators and actors it passes to those who want to see it. “We can’t wait for people to devour it and enjoy it and experience it because it’s something very new. And from there”, admits the actor while flirting with the possibility of a second season. Meanwhile, Dollar Selmouni continues clouded with ‘Fanático’ because for him there is nothing like it: “The viewer who understands cinema won’t be able to compare it much with anything because if you compare it… it’s musical, it’s urban…”. It’s all that and more and now, as Fernando Valdivieso rightly says… it’s up to you.

'Chimera' has a legion of fans in 'Fanático'.

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