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You can find all the content related to specific topics if you know the codes with which Netflix hides those categories. And there is a very simple way to discover them: we show you an app that will be perfect for you to get the most out of Netflix.

The Netflix app opens the door to multiple lifetimes of content streaming, but It is very difficult to find something specific if you do not know the title of what you are looking for. What do you want to locate content by very specific topics? Netflix categorizes its entire catalog in great detail, but does not offer those categories publicly. Of course, you can access them if you know their codes.

Netflix themes and their access codes

Netflix Hidden Codes

Find a documentary on a specific topic, see what movies Netflix has about martial arts, or locate horror anime only possible if you search through those categories. And, since the Netflix app does not offer you the possibility, we recommend Codes for Netflix, a simple app that makes it much easier for you to discover what to watch next.

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Codes for Netflix does exactly what it promises: it has the list of codes with which to access the different and specific themes. All organized in a comfortable menu that is broken down into options as you click on the links.

The app includes the majority themes along with their codes; as well as the specific categories of the different genres of content that the catalog includes. Simply navigate through the menus so that, after clicking on a category, Netflix automatically opens with all movies, series, documentaries and television programs related to the theme. In this way it is much easier to know what to see on the platform, also to search for very specific tastes. Of course, there is a drawback: Codes for Netflix is ​​in English.

Netflix Hidden Codes

The Codes for Netflix application is free, does not include strange permissions and is only subsidized with some ads. It offers a list of hidden categories with links to see the related content on Netflix: it does not access the user account or allow viewing the content. Playback always takes place on the Netflix platform.

Codes for Netflix

Codes for Netflix

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