Google launches a rehabilitation program for developers with suspended apps on Google Play

Google Play’s developer policy is long, complex, and changes frequently, so it’s not unusual for some developers to end up in violation of certain sections due to ignorance. After receiving several notices or strikes, the account can be suspended forever and irreversibly.

Google has now announced a pilot program for app developers who have received any strike can cancel it after completing a course about Google Play policies. Something like recovering the lost points of the driver’s license.

Workshop for Google Play Policy Violators

When Google detects an app on its store that is in serious violation of its policies – such as containing malware, fraud, spyware and so on – the app and possibly the developer account will be terminated, but in the rest of the infractions it is generally possible to keep the account, and the apps, after making a series of changes that mitigate the “errors”. For example, changing the way the ads work or modifying the icon so that it is not confused with that of another app.

The guts of the Google Play console, so it's the essential tool for publishing and managing applications on Android

These non-serious violations do not in themselves lead to account suspension, but Google takes note. When a developer repeatedly breaks the rules, the result can be the same as with a serious violation: developer account terminated and applications permanently removed from Google Play, without the possibility of republishing them. Each of these violations counts as one strike.

For this second case, Google has announced a pilot program by which developers they will be able to cancel the strikes they have against their accountthus removing the possibility that your account ends up being completely canceled in the future with a new violation.

As a pilot program, only certain developers will be able to participate, and they will know it because they will receive an email from Google inviting them to take part if they wish. The pilot program consists of a course in Google Play Academy on Google Play policies, which takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete and is completed with an evaluation to show that you have assimilated what you have learned. There is no time limit – and you can pause and complete it later – but you will have three attempts to pass the test.

this course it will serve to be able to eliminate the strike of the account, but it does not affect the republication of the offending application. So that the app that has caused the strike is available again on Google Play, it is still necessary to take the corrective measures indicated by Google in its first email, and within the foreseen period. In fact, that same term is the one you have to complete the course and cancel the strike.

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