Google Maps launches aerial views, improved bike routes and more

At Google I/O 2022 held last May, the company announced Important news related to Google Maps. One of them was a spectacular immersive mode capable of recreating buildings in 3D from the data it has from satellite, Street View and photos. And not only from its exterior, but also from its interior.

This immersive Maps view It would be available “in select cities” and “throughout 2022”, but the first step to enjoy it has already been taken: now we can see 3D aerial views of nearly a hundred iconic locations across the world. And beware, this novelty does not come alone, detailed cycling routes and shared location notifications are also coming.

The most emblematic buildings seen from the sky

Google Maps 3d 02

Whether you are going to visit the main sights of a new city or you plan to do a cycle route or meet friends in the city, you will surely be interested in the updates rolled out by Google Maps. They will gradually reach users around the world, but we already know what the three most important new features are.

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First, Google Maps added photorealistic aerial views of nearly a hundred of the world’s most popular tourist spots in cities like Barcelona, ​​London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. It’s a first step towards launching Immersive View in an experience that combines AI with billions of high-definition aerial, satellite and Street View imagery.

To see an aerial view, simply search Google Maps for any of these landmarks where they are available (Big Ben, the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty are a few examples, but more will be available soon) and access the Photos section. The first image that will appear will be a 360 degree aerial view of the building in question.

bike path

The second novelty concerns cycle routes, which Google Maps has offered for several years. Soon we will be able to easily compare cycling routes and see details, such as the elevation of the terrain along the route or if there will be a lot of traffic, stairs or steep climbs. We will also be able to obtain a very detailed detail of the route to know the type of road.

Shared location

Finally, we have the new notifications regarding location sharing, so you can receive notice when your friend or family member arrives or leaves Google makes sure this new feature respects privacy, so notifications can only be set up with someone who has already opted in to share their location with you. At any time, you can stop sharing your location or prevent someone from setting notifications.

Aerial views of landmarks and location sharing notifications are now rolling out globally to Google Maps for Android and iOS. Bike lane improvements will be rolled out in the coming weeks in cities where bike lanes are available.

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