Google Pixel 6 gaming panel will come to more devices with Android 13

One of the Android 12 news that came exclusively for Google Pixel 6 and 6pro he was game board, a new section that allows us to choose between longer battery life or higher performance during our games, among other features. Well, this game mode will no longer be exclusive to the Google Pixel 6.

Google has updated the list of news coming to our devices in July through Google Play Services, adding that Game Dashboard o Game panel to the new releases list.

Game Panel is coming to over 13 Android devices

The company reported that with the update of Google Play Services to version 22.30 released from July 28, the game board in select devices with Android Tor what is the same, in Android 13.

We don’t know what Google means by selected devices. since the only device that has confirmed that it will receive the game panel will be the new one Pixel 6a when updating to Android 13. It is not known if other Pixels with Android 13 will receive the game panel or if other models from other manufacturers will also be updated with the Google game mode.

We tested Android 12's game mode: here's how Google is thinking about improving games

Admittedly, very few devices receive the Google Play panel since manufacturers such as Samsung, OnePlus or Xiaomi have for years included theirs in their customization layers. game mode with similar or more advanced functionality than Google’s proposal.

Game pane

The Google game panel allows us to take screenshots, record and broadcast our games live, choose if we want to see the FPS of the game, disable notifications and calls, see the achievements of the game or to choose between performance or autonomy.

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