Google swings with the statue of Android 13

After the official launch of Android 13, the tradition of unveiling the statue of the new version of Android on the Google campus cannot be missed. Following the tradition of recent years, the statue is virtual but also real.

For Android 13 statue, Google has opted for a swing playing with the shape of the number 13 (rotated, yes) in a slightly more functional design than usual that, we suppose, can be used as a swing, although it is not clear if it will be very comfortable. There is no easter egg on it, other than the number thirteen in various languages.

Google is running out of ideas

Since 2009, all versions of Android have been accompanied by a dessert name that ended up becoming a unique logo for that version and its corresponding statue. This changed from android 10when Google decided to officially end desserts, despite keeping an internal “dessert”.

All android versions history

Android 10 was Quince Pie, Android 11 was Red Velvet Pie, Android 12 was Snow Cone, and Android 13 is Tiramisu, but Google has decided not to make any mention of it in its official statue. Yes there were references to the Red Velvet cake and the ice cream cone in the statues of Android 11 and Android 12, but in the one of Android 13 Google seems to have run out of resourcesplaying only with the number thirteen.

We thus have a statue-swing in which the top bar and the seat form a rotated number thirteen (depending on how you look at it, of course), with a top bar that has beveled the word thirteen in various languages, including Spanish. Thirteen, with thirteen, and a swing that is funny, but it is difficult to find the relationship with the new version of Android.

If you want to test the comfort of the swing, you will have to go to the Google campus in Mountain View to do so. Otherwise, you can see the virtual statue in 3D with augmented reality visiting the same page on a mobile that supports AR Core. If your mobile does not support AR Core, you can still see it in 3D.


It works exactly like Google’s other 3D views (such as 3D animals), so first you’ll need to tap view in your space, then move the mobile until “it is located” and finally you can place the statue in the living room of your house, if you wish. You can take photos and record videos.

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