HarmonyOS 3 is now official

The American veto It was a huge setback for Huawei, but the company is not ready to give up. And it keeps its ecosystem up to date with its own interconnected platform: Harmony OS. And what is updated is such that, not in vain, we have a new version of the operating system: HarmonyOS 3. Mainly for the Chinese market.

HarmonyOS is a system developed by Huawei (there are doubts as to whether it is based on Android or not), managed by the company and which expands to its smart devices worldwide. On mobiles it can only be located in China, Huawei itself has confirmed that there are no plans to bring HarmonyOS to smartphones outside of Asia. Yes, we can use it on tablets like the MatePad 11 or watches like Huawei Watch GT 3. And now the question is: will they update to the new HarmonyOS 3?

HarmonyOS 3: renewed design and more united ecosystem

harmony 3

Huawei unveiled HarmonyOS 3 as a step towards the maturity of its operating system. It does not change excessively from OS Harmony 2, at least when it comes to the exterior. Like logic, the code has been updated to provide greater stability and improve compatibility. This is precisely where one of the keys to the update lies.

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The ecosystem of devices, which remain interconnected to move from mobile to tablet or watch without losing anything along the way, extends its tentacles to refine the experience. For example, compatible devices on the network can access the Internet through the telephone connection. It’s also easier to share work with immediate and seamless synchronization.

Connected screens benefit from content transfer since photos, videos or music can be transferred simply by dragging them. HarmonyOS 3 improves overall productivity and optimizes the sound experience sharing connected audio devices. From the control center, it is easier to exchange sound between Huawei speakers and headphones, for example.

Improved widgets

harmony 3

New versions of popular operating systems have seen a new vein in widgets. Also HarmonyOS 3; What expands the number of available widgets and their designmuch more current (and with some inspiration in those of iOS).

Customizable widgets with device functions, combinations of different widgets in one, stackable cards to save space on desks, color and shape combinations to choose from… The resurgence of widgets is also evident in HarmonyOS 3.

Performance and battery optimization

harmony 3

Each version jump usually involves a improved energy consumption and available space; with a change in performance. According to Huawei, HarmonyOS 3 raises the bar in these sections with the following data, always comparing them with HarmonyOS 2:

  • 7% faster opening of applications.
  • 14% more responsive to app touch.
  • 18% more fluidity in movements.
  • 11% battery saving.

More privacy and security

harmony 3

List of permissions by applications

HarmonyOS 3 is inspired by Android 12 to offer a complete privacy center where information from applications and what sensitive hardware and software items were accessed with time. Access to camera, microphone and location logging is well explained.

The system will scan the security of the device with automatic risk detection. It also evaluates installed applications; with the ability to restrict the use of those that HarmonyOS 3 does not consider safe.

When sharing images, HarmonyOS 3 can remove personal traces from photo data. Additionally, the system’s AI locates private data within the photo itself to pixelate them, preventing what they say from being distinguished. Everything automatically.

Other Minor HarmonyOS 3 Changes

  • Device control and clock synchronization during exercise.
  • Ability to share the screen with the car using the Huawei system for vehicles.
  • Customizable emojis and avatars that capture the physical characteristics of the user.
  • Simultaneous playback on two headphones to share the music with another person.
  • Huawei’s virtual assistant gains compatibility with network-connected devices.

When will devices update to HarmonyOS 3?

harmony 3

Huawei has confirmed that the first wave of compatible devices will be updated to HarmonyOS 3 in September 2022 in China. It is expected to reach the company’s most powerful and up-to-date mobile phones, as well as tablets, watches and smart displays. The list of specific devices is not yet available.

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