How do I know if my cell phone has infrared or not?

At the beginning of the technological era where it was possible by means of infrared sensors exchange files with other mobile devices that have these same ports.

They were very similar to Bluetooth, but the devices had to be very close to each other for the exchange to take place. In the next article we will show you how to know if my cell phone has infrared or not cellphone.

Apparently, as with fashion or music, the return of all that is retro It is currently becoming fashionable. It is no longer strange to see devices equipped with this type of port for exchanging music, video or image files. This was used a lot, to avoid the use of data cables.

We already used to give you interesting articles that teach you how to connect your mobile phone to different platforms. As in the case of connecting your mobile to the TV via HDMI-MHL.

It is that at present, there are other much more efficient means to exchange files such as Bluetooth or the Internet or another sensor. But the smart phones which have IR ports not only allow you to send files to another cell phone.

Otherwise, it also allows you to control all those electronic devices such as TV, air conditioners, music players, etc..

How to check if my mobile has infrared or not

Many users of this type of device are not sure whether or not they have this option. Cellular infrared is one of the most innovative features ever installed on a smartphone, and you might not get the most out of it. Well, keep reading as we will give you the guidelines so you know with proof that if you have infrared.

Consult the technical sheet

For those people who own Android devices, in order to find out which cell phones have an infrared sensor, see the data sheet. On some Smartphones, it may be displayed more clearly in options and settings. In the functions hardware and remote, this will appear more clearly. Besides that, it can be used with Wi-Fi.

mobile infrared

You can have TV remote control app

However, the above is not the only one available for Android, as there are apps that can be downloaded or come from the factory. In said smartphone of this range they bring as a kind of infrared remote control as app. This to cover the needs of people who do not have one and use it with Wi-Fi.

Mobile physical signals

you may be wondering Which cell phones have infrared? Devices equipped with this type of sensor are usually easy to see. The clearest evidence is that there is a black plastic circle at the top. This indicates that the hardware indicates that cellular infrared is available.

What actions can be performed with infrared?

  • With cellular infrared, you can and do switch TVs. Either with a factory app or downloaded.
  • This is also associated with other sensory devices such as air conditioner and music player which It has infrared

infrared cell

How do I know if my cell phone has or does not have infrared?

As we told you, equipment with cellular infrared and sensor is coming to the market. And then we’ll show you how to know if my smartphone has infrared or not. For this we are going to perform some simple steps, which will help you verify it, so continue with us and do not miss the explanation.

To can find out if my cell phone has infrared mobile phone and sensor, it can be done physically, it means we have to check the upper part of our mobile phone. There we must locate a small dark red dot, similar to those on the TV remote control. But if you can’t locate that point or you don’t know if you really have infrared or not, you can do the following.

There are applications that you can download from the Play Store, which will allow you to control all your electronic devices through the infrared that your mobile phone has.

So if your cell phone doesn’t have this port, easily with cellular infrared. Apps will tell you that your phone is not compatible with the app you want to download.

Then the next step will be to go to the Play Store, we will look for the application that has the name AnyMote Universal Remote. You have to install it, it is very light, it weighs around 12 megabytes, so the installation will be very fast.

lady using mobile phone

Using the app to find out if my cell phone has or does not have infrared

When the installation is done, you have to click on the Open option, by doing so, it will show you the terms, which you must accept. Now you have to wait for the app to give you the information about your mobile phone. If it has the necessary hardware to be used as a remote control.

What does it mean, that the same apps will tell you if your device has infrared cellphone, If so, you can configure your phone to work as a remote.

If, on the other hand, it does not have infrared, it gives you the possibility of being able to control your tvvia a Wi-Fi connection, via the app you just installed on your phone.

In this simple way, we were able to show you two ways to how to know if my cell phone has infrared or not cellphone. One is to search for the port and the other is through an application that you download to your mobile phone. And it will tell you if your smartphone has the hardware to be used as a remote control.

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