How do I know which company my mobile is from? -Android or iPhone

That a phone is blocked, it means you are tied to a certain phone company. This may be one of the reasons why it cannot be used in other countries and why knowing which company your cell phone belongs to is so essential.

Many people travel to another country without changing their original operator, since they have services abroad. However, it is advisable to check with the company and see if you can use your cell phone in this condition.

This is one of the reasons why it has become so necessary to determine which company is the SIM card that we have in the Android phone or the iPhone. You can find this type of information very easily, no matter what business you have or if you have lost the IMEI code.

Keep in mind that every iPhone or Android phone comes with this information. In any case, you have the option of searching for applications that offer it or using an Internet page. Of course, if your mobile phone does not have a chip, you must connect to a Wi-Fi network and thus check the company from which you belong by IMEI code. In case you don’t have your phone nearby or it’s turned off, there’s also a way to quickly find out your phone’s IMEI.

What is the use of knowing the company of origin of my phone?

As such, there aren’t many benefits to knowing this type of information. By having a SIM card installed on the Android phone or iPhone, it automatically tells you which operator you belong to. If by chance you cannot find out, it is possible that through the IMEI you can find out.

Once you have been able to verify the company, you can proceed with the Deactivation of the SIM card, change operator and find out which company is the most profitable for you. Now, if your phone is chipless, you may find it a bit difficult to know all of this even if you are using the internet.

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Methods to verify the company of my Android or iPhone mobile

There are different methods to check the carrier and determine whether your phone is jailbroken or not. In any case, to find out which company you are part of, you can do the following according to the original operator.

Using the IMEI code

  • Check and request your phone’s IMEI. With this information, you already know all the data you will get. If you already own the device, go to “Settings” and in the “General” option. There you will find the device information with serial number and IMEI.
  • If you have an iPhone that was released after 5 and you want to know which company it is from, the number is etched on the back of the phone. In case it came out before, you can find it on the SIM card. Likewise, this series is in the iPhone box at the time of delivery. You also have the option of marking *#06# you can get the code.
  • If you don’t have a key handy to remove the SIM card, you can always remove it without a key.
  • Once you have or request the IMEI before your purchase, there are several companies online with which to you can check the status of your device. These can send you all the data by mail in a few minutes. If you want to unlock it, it may cost you a bit more, but these pages will help you go through the whole process quickly.
  • If you bought an iPhone and you need to unlock your phone’s IMEI, you can do it quickly alone or with an expert.

By SIM card

All SIM cards of different operators allow to check which company this small device belongs to. Each has a unique design, so it’s very easy to know company to which the SIM card belongs.

Either way, you can use apps like Google Lens and take a photo from memory, do a quick internet search and get that information. With this, the question of which company is your phone will be solved without use IMEI code.

how to know the imei code

In system settings

  • The easiest way to find out which carrier your iPhone or Android is used by is to use a different SIM card. If a device is owned by a company, it assumes that if it’s not free, it won’t pick up other signals.
  • You can check the company and check the IMEI using online pages for free, where you can find out all the data of your mobile phone. There is a section called “Carrier”. If he says “Open” your mobile is unlocked.
  • If you have already known the company and want to release it, you can call the operator, and depending on the case, he can give you the release code without too much paperwork.
  • You can confirm your business from the same phone, thanks to codes belonging to the same Android brand. If you enter these numbers in the call application, they will take you to a special window where you can find this information.
  • These are the codes for the most popular Android models. For Samsung is *#7465625#, sony, *#*#7378423#*#* and huawei *#*#2846579#*#*.
  • If you have an LG phone and want to know which company you belong to, go to “Settings”,About Phone” and “software information” to get this information.

If you change your phone company or phone, you can surely see the problem that the new SIM card is not compatible in size with the phone. Fortunately, you can solve this problem by cutting out the Sim card.

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