How To Add Location On Tiktok Videos

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Check out this snazzy guide to sticking your TikTok videos to a spot on the map and making your content pop. Adding a location is the secret sauce for views and engagement!

Why Tethering Your TikToks to a Place is More Than Just a Point on a Map

Attaching a location to your TikTok videos brings that extra oomph that transforms a video from ho-hum to Booyah! Here's why it amps up your content:

  • Context is Key: A location provides an important backstory for viewers. Now they can literally see where you're coming from.
  • Discoverability: TikTok's robust search connects users to videos tagged with a location. Pinpointing a spot puts your vid in front of more peepers.
  • Community: Fellow TikTokers in your area can find your content and connect over shared locales. Location sparks in-app convo.

First Things First - Update Your App

Before you can go all GPS on your TikToks, you need the latest version of the app loaded up on your device. An updated TikTok ensures you have all the bellies and whistles when it comes to location tagging capabilities.

1Open your device's app store (App Store for Apple, Play Store for Android).
2Search for "TikTok" in the app store search bar.
3If an update is available, tap the "Update" button next to the TikTok app.
4Let the update download and install. Grab a kombucha - this may take a few minutes.
5Once updated, the newest version of TikTok will appear on your device. Time to get locating!

Allow TikTok to Access Your Location

Now comes the part where you give TikTok permission to pinpoint your coordinates. Enabling location services grants the app access to your device's GPS to accurately tag vids.

  • In your device's settings, find the option to enable location services. Give TikTok the green light to find your location.
  • When prompted within the TikTok app, tap "Allow" or "OK" to confirm location access. TikTok promises not to stalk you IRL.

Choose a Location Before Posting Your TikTok

Once location services are activated, you can pick a specific spot to tag your content before posting.

  • Hit the "Effects" button in the TikTok app, then select "Location" from the menu.
  • A map will pop up - search for your desired locale, or tap your current location. Love where you're at? Tag it!
  • Customize the location sticker with size, color, borders, text, and more to fit your vid. Now post it and watch the views roll in!

Pinpointing a place adds professional spice and viewers to your TikToks. With this guide, your videos will be location-optimized in no time!


Why should I add a location to my TikTok videos?

Adding a location provides context, increases discoverability within TikTok's search feature, and helps you connect with local viewers. It's an easy way to improve your content!

How do I enable TikTok to access my location?

You can enable location services in your device's settings menu. Then when prompted within the TikTok app, tap "Allow" or "OK" to grant access. This allows TikTok to pull your coordinates when tagging videos.

Can I customize the location sticker on my video?

Yes! Once you've chosen a location, you can customize the sticker by changing the size, color, and borders, and adding text. Get creative to match your video's vibe!

What happens if I tag the wrong location?

No worries! You can easily edit the location on a video before posting. Just tap the sticker, hit "Change Location" and search for the proper spot.

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