How To Clean Your Mobile Speakers If It Is Wet – Expel Water From Its Interior

Mobile devices are exposed to different sources of threat, given its role for users. It is therefore important to know the options available to you, once the device has come into contact with water or even dust. Since most of the time contact with these agents is harmless, some sections of the mobile device could be permanently negatively affected if you do not act immediately.

What can you do if your cell phone is getting water?

It is necessary that you take certain precautions when using your mobile device on the beach, in the swimming pool or even in the bathroom, as the proximity of water could affect some components if the phone comes in contact and gets wet. Either way, when your phone gets wet, you will need to act immediately.

  1. Make sure it is turned off: The connection between the battery and the device could cause major problems in the equipment if there is a transfer of power. Then you will need to turn off the device if it is on and try not to turn it on during the verification process.
  2. Separate removable components: You must remove the battery if it is removable, as well as any other location that you can remove. You can remove the slots for the SIM and SD cards so that the moisture that has entered these sections dries faster.
  3. Dry the appliance: You must be extremely careful in this step, as improper handling of the device could make the situation worse. Use a cotton handkerchief and avoid using any type of fabric that leaves lint or paper. Gently rub each part of the device and each groove you removed from the device.
  4. Eliminates remaining moisture: You can soak the device in rice, oatmeal, kitty litter, or silica gel. Each of these materials has absorbent properties, so letting the device sit for about 48 hours will be sufficient. If you want to use a hair dryer, do not use it with hot air and do not expose the device to current for a long time. Otherwise, you could damage the internal components of the mobile.
  5. Turn on the phone: Once you have reinserted each component of the phone, you need to turn on the phone. If this happens successfully, you can perform a test on the device using a third-party app to assess that there is no internal damage. If the phone does not turn on, you will need to contact your technical service to assess the available options.

cell phone drops of water

Which web page can help you remove dust or water from speakers?

The device speakers are one of the most damaged access points by dust or water particles when the phone is wet. Even though the device is resistant to submersion in water, it is necessary to remove any excess left on the phone.

Enter fixmyspeakers

The interface of this web page provides cleaning options that they expel all water or dust particles that soaked up the phone’s speakers. Once you access fixmyspeakers you will find a button to start playing the sound which will eject the particles into the speakers.

The sound that this page stores in its web domain will allow the vibrations from the speaker to form air bubbles which expel any particles that obstruct sound output into the device; when caused by dirt or water bubbles.

wet phone

What apps can you use to clean your speakers?

You can use applications developed by third parties to remove possible dust particles, as well as water that may have been stored in the phone’s speakers. Even if you have doubts about the water resistance of the phone, you need to make sure that the integrity of the device is maintained when it has been exposed to dust and water.

On Android: speaker cleaner

This app uses low frequency sound which organize the vibrations of the speakers so that they expel all the particles stuck in the grooves, whether it is water or dust. The speaker cleaner is located available in the Play Store, and you can use manual mode or automatic cleaning mode, depending on how you prefer to set the cleaning program.

cell phone submerged in water

On iPhone: Sonic

This application play a series of sounds in the low frequencies to successfully expel any particles that obstruct the speakers. The directions of the Sonic app are quite specific, so once you enter the app the interface will show you each step you need to take.

Once you start playing the audio, the frequency will change over time. In order to create the right vibrations to remove all the dust and water in the mobile speakers.

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