How to Copy a Playlist on Spotify

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Tired of rebuilding playlists from scratch? Learn how to easily copy Spotify playlists using simple built-in tools and third-party apps. Create backups, share with friends, customize for different devices, and more.

Optimize Your Music Experience With Copied Playlists

Duplicating Spotify playlists enables the creation of specialized versions for occasions, collaboration, organization, backups, and access across devices.

Our guide provides step-by-step instructions, customization tips, top apps, and troubleshooting assistance. Master playlist copying to craft your perfect Spotify experience.

Main Reasons To Copy Your Spotify Playlists

Here are the top reasons for duplicating your Spotify playlists:

  • Share playlists with friends and family
  • Create backups of important playlists
  • Customize playlists for specific moods or occasions
  • Listen to playlists across different devices
  • Organize liked songs into separate themed playlists
  • Trim playlists by copying and removing tracks
  • Make variations of playlists by genre, era, style

How To Copy A Playlist On Spotify

Copying Spotify playlists only takes a few simple steps:

Access Your Playlist Library

Open Spotify and select "Your Library" to view your playlist collection.

Locate The Playlist To Copy

Browse or search your library to find the playlist you want to duplicate.

Choose "Copy Playlist" Option

On desktop: Right-click playlist and choose "Copy Playlist".

On mobile: Tap the menu icon and select "Copy Playlist".

Name The Copied Playlist

Enter a title for the copied playlist, like adding "(Copy)" to the original title.

Confirm To Create Copy

Verify the duplicate playlist appears in Your Library with a given name.

Spotify Playlist Management Tools

Beyond built-in features, apps like Soundiiz, TuneMyMusic, Songshift, and STAMP allow smooth copying between platforms and advanced playlist management.

ToolKey Benefit
SoundiizCopy playlists between different music platforms
TuneMyMusicEasy transfer of playlists between streaming services
SongshiftAutomatically sync copied playlists across platforms
STAMPRobust playlist management and editing tools for power users

Top Apps For Copying Spotify Playlists

Here are top-rated third-party apps recommended by experts for duplicating Spotify playlists:

  • FreeYourMusic - Fast copying between services and simplified sharing
  • SongShift - Seamless transfer between Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc.
  • Soundiiz - Copy playlists across over 10 services from one dashboard
  • Tune My Music - Simple one-click copying between supported apps
  • STAMP - Fine-tuned control for advanced playlist copying and editing
  • MusConv - User-friendly tool for copying, merging, and splitting playlists
  • Freezer - Export Spotify playlists as CSV files for backups and portability

Share and Collaborate on Copied Playlists

Here are some great ways to share copied Spotify playlists or work with others:

  • Add friends as collaborators to let them modify copies
  • Share read-only playlist links for streaming access
  • Export and share CSV file containing playlist contents
  • Post copied playlist on social media for followers
  • Email playlist copy using links, embeds, or attachments
  • Use messaging apps to directly share playlist files

Customize Copied Playlists For Devices

Tailor your duplicated Spotify playlists for different devices:

  • Enable offline listening on mobiles, disable on desktops
  • Create separate versions like "Party Playlist (Home)" vs "(Portable)"
  • Limit large playlists for mobile storage constraints
  • Remove heavy bass or surround songs for small speakers
  • Favor popular device artists and genres, like driving music in cars

Keep Your Spotify Library Organized

Use these pro tips for managing copied and original playlists:

  • Give descriptive names based on genres, moods, eras
  • Follow a naming convention framework across playlists
  • Only keep relevant songs, promptly remove unrelated tracks
  • Consolidate near-duplicate playlist copies into master versions
  • Add songs to multiple suitable lists like genre, decade, activity
  • Periodically review the library and limit the total playlist quantity

Troubleshooting Playlist Copying Issues

Fix common copying errors with these handy Spotify troubleshooting tips:

  • Double check playlist name spelling
  • Confirm you have editor access permissions
  • Retry if facing transient server errors
  • Restart the Spotify app if the copy gets stuck
  • Verify a stable internet connection on the device
  • Update the Spotify app to eliminate potential bugs
  • Contact support for help with persistent failures

Key Takeaways

  • Easily duplicate Spotify playlists using simple built-in tools
  • Third-party apps add advanced functionalities for power users
  • Copy playlists to share, collaborate, organize library, and more
  • Customize copied playlists for different devices and contexts
  • Keep the library tidy by judiciously managing playlists
  • Troubleshoot issues using restart, updates, support contact

Copying Spotify playlists helps create the perfect tailored music experience. Follow our guide to maximize your Spotify enjoyment through playlist duplication.

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