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The usual thing is for Google to launch a beta version of Android Auto a few days after ushering in the stable version, but that didn’t happen after 7.9 was released. We expected Android Auto 8.0, a major change in interface design was anticipated with the expected activation of Coolwalk. And, for now, one of the two wishes has been granted.

Get in the car and have the most convenient apps on the vehicle screen it’s one of the best uses of so-called “infotainment systems,” the platforms automakers now include in their cars. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are the most used, although there are other equally important alternatives. That you have Android Auto and were also waiting for the update to version 8.0? We have good news.

Android Auto 8.0: no visible improvements pending Google servers

Android Auto Coolwalk Vertical

Top horizontal coolwalk; below, vertical Coolwalk. Both interfaces are not yet operational

Given the importance that Android Auto has acquired in the automotive scene and the fact that a large part of the modern vehicle fleet is equipped with this system as standard, Google has cut access to experimental options in its betas. From our own experience finding new code, Google blocks internal changes so you don’t see what’s coming. And the same goes for this first beta of Android Auto 8.0.

Why Android Auto is continuously updated without the changes being visible: here's how its updates work

As usual, there are no visible changes as soon as you update the phone app. There is no button from which to activate Coolwalk or change in design, use or functionality.. Despite the round version, Android Auto 8.0 in beta version arrives without celebration. For now.

If the Coolwalk design is introduced, Google would activate it from its servers. For the moment, it is too early to know if the update code will mean an evolution of the application: as is often the case with Android Auto, we will still have to wait; without it ever ceasing to matter that the update has begun rolling out.

Version 8.0 was spotted by early Android Auto beta users, This was recorded on Reddit. And now you can download: just go to ApkMirror.

Keep in mind that the beta version of Android Auto involves some risk, as it is still experimental software in test. Consider this before updating your mobile app: if something goes wrong in Android Auto, you may experience significant distractions while driving.

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Android Auto update: version 8.0 already in beta and with significant advances

The update to Android Auto 8.0 is starting to be available: the beta in sight

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