how to install and everything you can do with the Google travel app

Three years ago the travel application Google Trips closed to make way for GoogleTravela centralized website that helps us plan and book everything we need for our next trip, and although it does not have an application on Google Play, it does allow us to install your webapp on our Android device.

In this article we will see how to access Google Travel or Google Travelhow its webapp is installed on our mobile, and we will review all the features offered by Google’s travel webapp.

How to install Google Travel on your mobile

To access Google Travel or Google Viajes we have to access the website from the web browser. We can also search for “Google Travel” in the search engine whose search result is usually the first.

Install Google Travel

As soon as you enter the website GoogleTravelif we scroll through the view of the main Travel tab we will find a card that allows us to add a shortcut. After pressing this button a new window will invite us to install the app.

Install Google Travel

We can also install Google Travel from the browser menu through the “Add to home screen” option, which upon detecting that it is a webapp will show us the “Install application” option. After installing the webapp we will have the “Travel” app installed on our mobile as if it were just another application, but it will continue to be a webapp in which internet connection will be required.

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Everything you can do with Google Travel

With GoogleTravel It is a service that will help us plan and book our next trip through the different sections offered by this Google travel webapp, as we will see below:

View and add your trips

Thanks to Google integration, all flight and hotel reservations that we have in Gmail will appear in Google Travelshowing the trip itinerary with all the information about our trips and accommodations, with which Google Travel is the fastest way to see when our flight leaves or where our hotel is.

Upcoming Trips

Even so, Google Travel also allows us to manually add our next getaways with the option “Create a trip”where we will say the destination, the dates and then we can add the flights, the hotel, restaurants and events, among other data, that we are going to do during the trip.

Explore future trips


If we don’t know where to go, the section Explore of Google Travel will help you discover the best places to go from your city, showing as suggestions the destinations and dates in which the flight and accommodation are cheaper at that time.

discover what to do

To do

If you have already chosen a destination with the section To do you can see the most visited places, the outstanding neighborhoods, the best museums or outdoor activities that you can do in your destination. Also you can save the sites that you like the most to have them accessible on your to do list.

Find flights and follow prices


GoogleTravel integrates the powerful search engine GoogleFlightswith which from the webapp itself you can search for the cheapest flights to reach your destination thanks to its many filters and search options. Also, you can follow the prices of an itinerary to receive an alert when that flight drops in price.

Search hotels

Search Hotels

Google Travel also allows us search hotels and compare prices between different hotel reservation portals. Through its map view and its filters you will be able to find the best hotel in each area of ​​a city that fits your search criteria.

Find Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals

Finally, Google Travel also allows us search apartments for rent in case we go with family or a group of friends who prefer to share a house during their stay, which is usually cheaper than renting single rooms. The Google apartment search engine offers us filters to find the option that best suits our budget and needs among the different types of apartments or rural houses.

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