how to know your exact location and share it

When it comes to saying where we are so that our friend can pick us up or just to make an appointment, we usually pass the street and the number. But sometimes, in certain places, like in the middle of the forest, there is no easily identifiable street. For these situations, Google Maps brings out one of its infinite functions and that allows you to use coordinates and know the exact position.

Geographic coordinates are a reference system that will allow you to locate yourself wherever you are, formed by Latitude and longitude. The former is the angle that exists between a point and the earth’s equator, while longitude is the angle that exists between a point on the planet and the meridian passing through Greenwich Observatory. In other words, latitude corresponds to horizontal lines and longitude to vertical lines when looking at a globe. Moreover, they are always expressed in sexagesimal degrees.

So you can extract your details with the mobile

As we mentioned earlier, Google Maps allows you to create personalized maps, communicate with businesses, travel by public transport or view areas in augmented reality. But in addition, you can also quickly know the coordinates thanks to a really very simple processby following these steps:

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your mobile.
  2. Tap and hold any point on the map, or even where you currently are to get your coordinates.
  3. In the lower part, a window will appear with information about the marker, on which you need to scroll up with the finger.
  4. In the data list, you will see the classic location icon with two numbers separated by commas.
  5. Clicking on them will copy them to the clipboard, and if pasted in the browser, the format will change as shown in the images.
Google Maps

To share it, the process is very simple and it can be done in two different ways. The first is paste the coordinates we copied into a normal message via social media, so the person who receives it simply copies and pastes it into Google Maps and shows you the location you wanted to share.

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The other possible way is to share it from the tab that appears in Google Maps when you click on the desired location. In this way, the corresponding link will be sent to the contact with whom you want to share it, or also through social networks such as Twitter, so that anyone knows your exact location.

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