How to make your Xiaomi mobile’s 5G consume much less battery

Prevent your Xiaomi mobile with 5G connectivity from draining a lot of battery with this simple trick, you only need a few seconds.

MIUI, Xiaomi’s personalization layer, is characterized by multiple functions that can directly influence your user experience. If we focus on the drums, we have found several tricks to save the battery of your Xiaomi. The options increase if you have a Mobile Xiaomi 5Gsince there is an expressly oriented function in make 5G consume less battery.

Even if your device is one of the Xiaomi with more battery, battery life may be affected if you keep 5G connectivity enabled. Fortunately, the terminal has a function that allows you to reduce battery consumption without having to give up high speed offered by this mobile phone technology.

How to make your Xiaomi mobile’s 5G consume less battery

Xiaomi Mi 11i screen on

Prevent your Xiaomi mobile from consuming a lot of battery with 5G with this trick.

Is it true that 5G mobiles consume more battery? This question has an affirmative answer, i.e. your 5G mobile consumes more energy than those with 4G connectivity. At Xiaomi they are aware of this, so they have integrated a function in MIUI aimed directly at reducing the consumption of the battery of 5G.

It only takes a few seconds of your time to understand this trick and apply the necessary changes. According to the manufacturer, after activating this tool, the smartphone will consume less energy “in certain scenarios”. These are the not to follow For the 5G of your Xiaomi mobile to consume less battery:

  1. Go to the smartphone settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap on the section “Battery and Performance”.
  3. In this menu, tap the settings button in the upper right corner.
  4. Activate the function “5G Battery Saver”.

How to make your Xiaomi mobile's 5G consume much less battery

These four steps are necessary to enable power saving in your Xiaomi mobile’s 5G and so on. prolong use time until you had to go through the loader again.

Of course, if you need to extend the battery life, you can always opt for the battery saving mode offered by the terminal, which even has a extreme battery saving mode. Finally, if you want to master your Xiaomi mobile even more, you can also use the best MIUI 12 tricks.

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