How to Search for Tweets in a Specific Language

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Searching Twitter for tweets in your preferred language opens up a world of possibilities. This guide covers everything you need to know to find relevant content on Twitter based on language.


With over 300 million monthly active users tweeting in dozens of languages, Twitter hosts a global conversation. Whether you want to:

  • Conduct marketing research
  • Perform academic studies
  • Or simply find tweets in your native tongue

Understanding how to search by language is key.

This guide will walk through the tools and techniques to search Twitter for tweets in a specific language.

How Twitter Determines Language

Twitter uses automated systems and user settings to classify the language of tweets.

Default Language Settings

Twitter sets the default language of your Home timeline based on:

  • Your account's stated interface language
  • The languages you frequently engage with

Changing Language Preferences

You can customize your Twitter experience by:

  • Setting your default Tweet language
  • Selecting languages to translate tweets into
  • Tailoring trends, Moments, and Who to Follow in your languages

This influences the tweets Twitter surfaces for you.

Searching Tweets by Language

With the right techniques, you can search Twitter for tweets in your target language.

Using Language Codes

Appending a two-letter ISO language code to your search query filters for tweets in that language.

For example:

food lang:es

Searches for Spanish tweets about food.

Twitter's advanced search allows selecting one or more languages to filter by.

Mobile Apps

The Twitter mobile apps provide language filter options when searching.

  • iOS: Tap the magnifying glass icon in the search bar.
  • Android: Tap the sparkle icon in the search bar.

Third-party tools can provide additional capabilities for searching tweets by language:

TwintOpen source tool for advanced Twitter scraping with language options.
TalkwalkerSocial analytics platform with language filters.
BrandwatchConsumer intelligence with language breakdowns.
Twitter's Premium and Enterprise APIs also enable language filters via code.

Practical Applications

Searching tweets by language unlocks many useful applications across industries:

  • Marketing: Analyze brand mentions, conduct social listening, and identify new markets.
  • Research: Gather data for linguistic studies and understand global discussions.
  • Personal: Find tweets relevant to your interests and background.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I search for multiple languages at once?

Yes, advanced search and third-party tools allow combining multiple language filters.

Can I save language-specific searches?

Yes, you can save searches on Twitter and apply language filters to those searches.

Is it possible to filter both language and location?

Absolutely, you can apply both language and geolocation filters to the same search.

What if my language isn't listed?

Try searching using language codes or consider a third-party tool that supports more languages.

Do third-party tools have usage costs?

Some offer free tiers, while others require paid plans. Check each tool's pricing.

How accurate are Twitter's language classifiers?

They are generally accurate but may mislabel some tweets. Refine searches to isolate your target language.


Language opens doors to understanding different cultures and viewpoints. By leveraging Twitter's tools and third-party solutions, you can access tweets and conversations in your preferred languages.

The strategies outlined in this guide enable you to search Twitter by language for personal, academic, or business goals.

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