Huawei prepares an emergency system for HarmonyOS 3.0 that can save your life

Huawei continues its peculiar journey through the wilderness after being denied access to parts that have Android due to accusations of espionage by the United States. This was the trigger for Huawei to greenlight its own (Android-based, yes) operating system, HarmonyOS. And things start to get really interesting in its third version.

According to a leak from the manufacturer’s environment, Huawei would set up a more than interesting emergency call system in HarmonyOS 3.0. It would be so great if the phone was able to squeeze every milliamp left in the battery to power up and make one last call when in dire need. A system that, if it works as expected, could save more than one life.

An ultra low power mode

We are already used to the fact that when a certain battery level is reached, our mobile phone starts warning us to connect energy saving mode. Each manufacturer places it at a different level, others even have ultra-efficient modes. Now, Huawei wants to implement such a mode but to be able to turn on the phone once it is turned off. Quite an interesting route.

According to the leaker, this Huawei emergency mode with HarmonyOS 3.0 would allow turn on the phone even if you are already “dead”. It would be a means that would turn on essential systems, and not one more, to be able to make at least one additional emergency call. But we could not only make a call, but also perform additional actions.

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With emergency mode and its system for squeezing every milliamp left in our theoretically empty battery, a Huawei with HarmonyOS 3.0 could not only make calls but also send text messages, scan documents and even send our location. Presumably, a software system would be activated that would allow these actions to be performed with minimal consumption so that it could function when nothing else did.

For the moment we are only talking about a leak so it’s also not official from Huawei and we don’t have a fuller explanation on how it would work. But off the bat, on paper, it looks like a pretty neat system that, when the time comes, could save more than one life in emergency situations. We will see when it will arrive in the system (if it finally does, remember that HarmonyOS 3.0 begins to be deployed in September) and which models will be able to take advantage of it.

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