“I will answer him as if he were a person like the others”

The vice-president of the Junta de Castilla y León and regional head of Vox, Juan Garcia-Gallardowas released this Tuesday during the control session of the Cortes criticizing the abortion law “to crush handicapped children” and responding to a socialist prosecutor who uses a wheelchair: “I will answer him as if he were a person like all the others”.

García-Gallardo thus responded to the socialist prosecutor Noelia Fruitswho uses a wheelchair due to his physical disability and who was given this warning: “I will treat your disrespect with no condescension and I will respond to you as if you were a normal person”.

The prosecutor’s question stems from García-Gallardo’s statements a few weeks ago, when he argued that women don’t need to be treated “as disabled” enforcing quotas in the workplace, so now the socialist rep asked her ‘how do you think women with disabilities should be treated’.

“Just as well as disabled men”, García-Gallardo limited himself to answering in his first and concise response, to which the PSOE lawyer replied that it was “very predictable” and rejected both ” charity like ‘paternalism’ Just show ‘respect’ and as vice president don’t talk like you’re “at a bar counter”reproached him.

The socialist prosecutor reminded her that women with disabilities suffer “double discrimination”, even triple discrimination if they have the misfortune to suffer gender violence.

In his response, García-Gallardo began by signaling his party’s support for disability by appointing blind Enrique Sánchez-Guijo as director general of sports.

And then he linked the field of disability to that of abortion, to ensure that “in many European countries, almost no child is born with Down syndrome”, following laws that “invite parents” to “crush children in their mothers’ wombs” when they are diagnosed with a disability at an early stage.

Gallardo’s Barbarisms

In his first appearance before the Commission for the Presidency of the Courts of Castile and León, García-Gallardo began by accusing the left of his “obsession with sexual perversion” and claimed that six-year-old children are taught “postures sexual”. “They want to take away the innocence of the children of Castilla y León, a supreme value that cannot be recovered when lost,” he said. When the opposition asked him in which school in Castilla y León it happened, he backed off.

Gallardo also poked fun at his predecessor, Francois Igea, who was asked to “assume” that he is not vice-president and questioned his profession, since he is a specialist in the digestive system accustomed to the diagnosis of cancers. “I feel sorry for his colleagues at the Palencia hospital who have to suffer from his colonoscopies,” he said.

For his part, the President of the Council, the popular Alfonso Fernandez Manueco, minimized his remarks. “The government of Castilla y León is currently in what is important,” he said in statements to laSexta.

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