“I’m not funny”

In this Andalusian tavern where the steps of Alberto Chicote had to stop, organization is a dish that is not on the menu. After a disastrous first service, Africa, the daughter of the owner of the ‘Lolailo’ bursts into tears overwhelmed in the kitchen. “We can’t race or fly either, these are the conditions we have,” he lamented in the face of customer complaints. “You are very wrong,” corrected Alberto Chicote. “It is work organization“.

The conversation was interrupted by the explosion of “a killer eggwhich frightened and smeared the chef. The ‘Lolailo’ crew couldn’t take the laughter after the incident, which annoyed Chicote. that you make me sick”.

At laSexta.com, we collect the best moments from the library of the Nightmare in the Kitchen newspaper.

Other Highlights Faced with the failure of the “Lolailo” team to conquer the boss, the boss and her cousin come up with a perfect plan which consists ofget him drunk. Alberto Chicote tried the restaurant’s “star shot”, called “La mamadita”. “Don’t tell me you didn’t like my cousin’s “mommy”?

Mara asked sarcastically. The joke caught the leader off guard, who, visibly embarrassed, responded to her insinuation with some hesitation. At first contact with ‘Lolailo’, Alberto Chicote barely dared to taste the food

that I had asked for. After taking a bite of the supposed octopus (which was actually grilled), he ventured out with the jalapeños “disguised as croquette, with armor that’s not even Iron Man’s,” the chef joked. . Potatoes have not been spared by its critics, let alone aioli. The anchovies also had “nothing to do with Andalusian frying as God had intended”. Africa recognized it with shame. For her, food is “fucking shit”. The reform that the team of Nightmare in the kitchenoffered to ‘Lolailo ‘ transformed the place from head to toe and gave it a whole new vibe. “There was a nonsense of resources and colors that had nothing to do with each other,” explained Chicote, who assured them that despite this, the initial concept of Andalusian tavern he loved it and that’s why they had kept it. An industrial dishwasher, blenders, pots, pans and new burners are next door surprise

that the chef had prepared. The renovation of all the furniture in the hall and of a tablao (with Click on of the inaugural Chicote included), they finished giving the local“this little point of class that was missing “, according to the owner herself. letter

it was also one of the big changes dreamed up by the show’s team.

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