“I’m waiting for the Financial Times to call Germany and Finland Energy PIGS”

Economist Gonzalo Bernardos again criticized central and northern European countries for its low energy capacity compared to that of the countries of the South.

“I’m still waiting the Financial Times calls Germany, Finland, Austria and other central and northern European countries energy PIGS. He won’t,” he tweeted.

“Still it is easier to humiliate the countries of southern Europe than to rightly criticize those of the north“said the laSexta collaborator.

A few days ago, he harshly criticized Germany after the announcement of Brussels’ plan so that countries like Spain, which does not depend on Russian gas, stand in solidarity with them if there is a blow from Putin.

“They barbarously humiliated us in 2008 and 2010, they called us the PIGS, who are now the energetic PIGS? We got a letter, now they’re all from Germany,” he said in Más Vale Tarde.

“We have six regasification plants, we have 14 countries that bring us gas to Spain, a large number of sources. We have more gas than we can consume, let’s see if we have more gas than we can consume that we export to Morocco,” he explained. .

“In the near future, we can help Germany, even if they only allow little help, because they don’t have any regasification plants. We have this capacity because we have spent a lot of money on this infrastructure and so we are much better off than most European countries. Of the regasification capacity that exists in Europe, we only have 40%, the best country of all,” he concluded.

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