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Hey Pokemon trainers! My name's Mohammad and I am pumped to tell you everything there is to know about the coolest Fire-type Pokemon around - Incineroar! He's a big fiery wrestler cat who might look pretty scary, but he'll soon become your most trusted partner and friend once you get to know him. Stick with me and I'll make you a true Incineroar master!

What Type of Pokémon is Incineroar and What Does That Mean?

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Incineroar is a dual Fire and Dark type Pokemon. This unique type combination gives Incineroar some really awesome strengths and powers in battle:

  • As a Fire-type, Incineroar can unleash scorching hot flame attacks that will absolutely demolish Grass, Bug, Ice, and Steel-type Pokemon. When he faces those types, his blazing Fire moves get a huge boost in power for super-effective damage!
  • His dark type also lets him clobber Psychic and Ghost-type enemies. Dark moves are invisible and sinister, confusing opponents and striking when they least expect it!

However, we do have to watch out for Incineroar's weaknesses too. As fierce as he is, he struggles against Water, Rock, and Ground types since water douses fire and rocks and ground can withstand the flames. We'll need to have a plan to defend Incineroar from those threats in battle.

How Do You Obtain and Evolve an Incineroar on Your Team?

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Here are the steps to take if you want to get an Incineroar on your team:

  • First, you need to get a cute little Litten. You can find these fire kittens in the wild, hatch them from 2km eggs, or sometimes obtain them during special events.
  • Next, feed your Litten lots of candies to evolve it into the feisty Torracat at level 17. Torracat can learn some new Fire moves to start roasting the competition.
  • Keep feeding your Torracat more candies until it evolves again at level 34 into the ferocious Incineroar! This final evolution unlocks Incineroar's true power and fiery wrestling moves.
  • Finally, battle and train often with your new Incineroar friend. The more you fight and gain EXP together, the more he will level up and get stronger over time. Put in the effort and forge a close bond, and Incineroar will reach its full blazing potential!

What Are Incineroar's Key Stats and How Do They Help in Battle?

Here are the important base stats we need to know about Incineroar at max level:

Special Attack80
Special Defense90
Incineroar States
  • With his massive 115 Attack, Incineroar can crush and overpower opponents with his physical moves. He can deal devastating close-range damage.
  • His 90-Defense makes him sturdy enough to take big hits from physical attackers and stay standing. He can dig in and endure blows.
  • However, his 60-speed means he isn't very fast compared to other agile Pokemon. We need to watch out for speedy enemies who can strike first.

Knowing his strengths and weaknesses in his stats will let us better utilize Incineroar in battle. We can tailor our strategy to play to his strengths while covering for his vulnerabilities.

What Are Incineroar's Best Move Options for Different Battle Scenarios?

Here are some of the top moves I recommend teaching Incineroar for different battle situations:

For Gym Battles

  • Fast Move: Fire Spin - consistent flaming damage over time
  • Charged Moves:
    • Flamethrower - powerful sweeping Fire move
    • Darkest Lariat - reduces damage from physical attacks

For Raid Battles

  • Fast Move: Fire Fang - less energy but more potential damage
  • Charged Moves:
    • Blast Burn - sheer Fire-type demolishing power
    • Dark Pulse - broad coverage against Psychic and Ghost types

For PVP Matches

  • Fast Move: Snarl - charges up energy quickly
  • Charged Moves:
    • Cross Chop - strong Fighting move to counter Rock types
    • Throat Chop - inflicts damage and prevents opponents from using moves

Choosing the right moveset for Incineroar based on the battle situation will maximize his performance. Flexibility is key!

How Do You Use Incineroar Effectively in Key Pokémon Go Battles?

Now let's go over some tips and strategies for using Incineroar effectively in big battle scenarios:

In Gym Battles

  • Study the gym defender's type and moveset carefully to create a plan tailored to their weaknesses
  • Time Incineroar dodges and meter charges properly to avoid damage and inflict big attacks at key moments
  • Bring strong water Pokemon partners to handle Incineroar's rock and ground weaknesses
  • Heal and revive Incineroar after battles to keep him fighting fit

In Raid Battles

  • Equip Incineroar with his best Fire and Dark moves to really scorch the boss
  • Build a balanced team with friends to cover any of Incineroar's vulnerabilities
  • Communicate closely with your teammates to call out the boss's attacks and coordinate your battle plan
  • Be ready to change up your raid strategy on the fly based on how the battle is unfolding

In PVP Matches

  • Use Incineroar in Great and Ultra leagues where his attack stats can overpower many opponents
  • Carefully pair Incineroar with Pokemon that can counter his weaknesses like Water, Ground, Rock types
  • Stay closely up-to-date on any Incineroar updates and PVP meta changes so you can adjust your use of him accordingly
  • Be flexible and adaptive in real-time during your matches - predict opponent switches and react quickly!

There we go! I've covered all the key details on Incineroar's strengths, moves, stats, and strategies. With the right planning and a whole lot of trust between the trainer and Pokemon, Incineroar will be an unstoppable partner. Let me know if you have any other questions!


What is Incineroar's max CP at level 40?

Incineroar's max CP at level 40 is 2,889. With perfect IVs, the CP can reach 2,967.

What weather boosts Incineroar's attacks?

As a Fire-type, Incineroar's Fire moves to get a 20% boost in damage during Sunny and Clear weather conditions. This can really help him unleash devastating attacks!

What medals help catch Incineroar?

The Fire and Dark type catch medals (Red Flame and Black Shroud) will increase your chances of catching Incineroar by improving your catch rate for his types.

What are Incineroar's weaknesses again?

Incineroar is weak to Water, Ground, Rock, and Fighting-type attacks. It takes super effective damage from moves of those types.

What items should I use on Incineroar?

Use Fire and Dark-type enhancing items like Charcoal, Black Glasses, and Incense to boost Incineroar's same-type attacks. Razz Berries and Golden Razz can also help catch him more easily.

What other Pokemon synergize well with Incineroar?

Water types like Vaporeon cover Incineroar's fire weaknesses. Bulldoze Ground types can activate Incineroar's ability, Blaze. Chandelure resists Incineroar's fighting, ground, and rock weaknesses.

What generation is Incineroar from?

Incineroar debuted in Generation 7 in the Alola region, along with Litten and Torracat.

Is Incineroar good for PvE or PvP?

Incineroar works well in both battle formats. His high HP and defense make him a strong gym defender, while his attack stats can overwhelm opponents in PvP leagues.

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