laSexta accompanies the Police in the search for a fugitive macho attacker

in one night better late witness of two police interventions for gender violence. First, It is the attacker himself who calls the police. In the second, the Police come to intervene… but they are unable to find the man. The victim had already denounced on previous occasions and, in fact, The man had a restraining order.

“He was drunk and he pushed me and knocked over the table. It kills me psychologically“, he explains to the agents, who go down to the street accompanied by the daughter of the victim to try, without success, to find the attacker. The complete intervention is to be discovered in the main video of this information.

“We haven’t arrived and you already forgive him”

Más Vale Tarde witnesses a police intervention after a call that ends in an unexpected end. A man wants to report his brother-in-law for breaking his leg… but it turns out he was defending his sister from a macho attack.

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