Lawyer Hulka’ Escapes the ‘Marvel Formula’ With Surprising Comedy and Overflowing Charisma

Disney+ let us see the first four episodes of “She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk” so we can tell you what we think. The first thing we have to tell you is that they took on everything A suprise. After the previews, everything seemed to indicate that Marvel was going to repeat for the umpteenth time the formula of “origins series”. That is, to see how She-Hulk acquires her powers and, once her condition is accepted, use them to fight evil. It is true that it is present. It needs to be established where the character comes from, but the series ships its debut in a delicious first episode which sets the general tone for what is to follow.

Keep in mind that this title has half-hour chapters, so you don’t have time to get off track. And it fits like a glove. This and that ‘She-Hulk: Lawyer Hulka’ is, eminently, a the comedy. It’s the story of a 30-something lawyer who prefers to remain a lawyer and focus on her career to become a six-foot-tall green being and fight crime. This rejection fits like a glove to a extremely earthly character.

She’s a single 30-something in crisis whose transformation into Hulka gives her the opportunity to thrive professionally, even if it won’t be as good as she hoped. Beneath the muscles and glitter of She-Hulk hides a criticism of the patriarchal society of all life. A Jennifer Walters they want it for its packaging. When she’s She-Hulk, everyone looks at her. They are blinded by the exceptional. Jennifer goes unnoticed. She’s talented in law, she’s funny, she’s determined, but she’s “just another.” How he handles his new condition is one of the greatest pros of a series in which we will list its successes and, also, its weakest points.

Despite her transformation into She-Hulk, Jennifer still tries to live a normal life.

What we liked

Tatiana Maslany

We’ve given it up before, but the best thing about the series is its protagonist. Tatiana Maslany in ‘Black Orphan’ He left us all ojipláticas playing several different characters. This versatility came in handy during his foray into the MCU and endorsed both Jennifer Walters and She-Hulk. The truth is that we could say that the two characters are one because his personality doesn’t change when he transforms. This is one of the peculiarities and differences from the Hulk. She grows up and has a different physique but she is still Jen. You know it’s Jen. The charisma that Maslany prints on his character fills the screen. She is very funny without wanting to be, she is charming, she is often wrong and, above all, she is credible.

She is an ordinary woman overwhelmed by an incredible circumstance and which can bring her a benefit. Everyone loves She-Hulk. Success at work, dates, popularity… Doubt: do you succumb and stop being yourself or are you trying to maintain your identity? Maslany brilliantly captures these doubts in his character. And all this without having yet reached the moment when their powers must bring a corresponding responsibility. In the 4 episodes that we have been able to see, this moment has not come but we have no doubt that it will have to come and that Tatiana Maslany will also nail this part of her character.

Well-understood lightness

“She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk” she never takes herself too seriously. This lightness is practical because it gives the series the perfect touch. We can’t forget that we come from a comic book, something that Marvel has forgotten on other occasions. This comic, in addition, has always taken certain licenses like breaking the fourth wall. Something the series does too. The cases that happen to Jen never make much difference, even though she represents superheroes. The humor is not lost sight of either. But not that mood you settled into “Thor: Love and Thunder” or the usual UCM jokes. Notice the hand Kat Coiro and of Jessica Gao.

Both director as series screenwriter They have always evolved wonderfully in the field of irreverent comedy and have been able to transfer this light and drooling humor into this series. A conscious humor that fits perfectly into the genre in which this fiction fits. It’s a television comedy that doesn’t intend to go much further. Their cases are self-contained and there is no plot that stands out from the rest of the series.

Don't be fooled by that serious face.  The series is 100% comic.

the cameos

MCU wouldn’t be what it is without fans waiting for a new title by trying to guess which characters from other shows or movies will appear. In ‘She-Hulk: Lawyer Hulka’ there are cameos. Sure. But fortunately, they are not wearing. They contribute to the plots and also fit into that light comedy we talked about earlier. They’re no secret until we’ve seen as they’ve appeared in all the released trailers before. Bruce Banner/Hulk, for obvious reasons, is the most important, but it doesn’t hinder or diminish Jennifer’s importance. In fact, we could say that we are left with She-Hulk before Hulk and that the “intelligent Hulk” who appears in the MCU since “Avengers: Endgame” seems like a success.

then they are wong Yes Emil Blonsky / Abomination. His storylines are extremely funny, especially Wong’s. It’s a relief how they were able to fit characters from other movies into this series without feeling obligated.

numeric characters

was to be one of real beasts of burden for the makers of the series. She-Hulk is fully digital, just like Hulk or Abomination. If you don’t believe them, the series it would have been a failure because we would spend more time frowning at the “dolls” than enjoying the story. Fortunately, the boys Industrial light and magic They did a great job and improved on what was seen in the early trailers where the effects didn’t look good enough. There are close-ups of She-Hulk where it’s virtually impossible to tell what’s real from what’s digital. It is true that in the action scenes some movements are still strange, but these are the least. Overall, She-Hulk is just as believable as Jennifer Walters.

Even if we're used to it, it's still incredible the level of perfection that the digital effects have reached.

The least appreciated: the “Marvel Concessions”

If it is necessary to put a “but”, it is the concessions to the formula. It’s true that it’s been said to be one of the “less Marvel” Marvel series but, in the end, it has to be Marvel. Fights, crowds, clichés… We know these are tolls that have to be paid because, after all, we are talking about a lawyer who turns into a putting green more than two meters long and who is able to knock down buildings from a punch, but without all that, the series is able to fly on its own and we would have loved a little more risk and that he really passed this milestone that he reached “Scarlet Witch and Vision”: be a Rare Reviews inside the MCU. We are happy with what we have seen so far failing to see the remaining 5 episodes. So far we’ve loved it. I hope it will continue like this until the end.

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