Marina Valdés dismantles Ayuso’s arguments on Madrid window displays with a statement and a question

The presenter of Más Vale Tarde, Marina Valdesput the arguments of the “number two” of the Community of Madrid against the ropes, Enrique Osorito defend the need to keep windows lit.

Thus, the presenter recalled that in France they have several years prohibiting these windows from remaining lit from ten o’clock, when he questioned the reasons of public security with a question which the regional vice president did not answer. “If a businessman keeps his shop window lit, it will be because in his analysis of his business he will understand that lighting brings him more benefits than costs,” assured Ossorio. You can see the moment in the main video of this information.

“Madrid is the most caring community of all”

Ayuso’s “number two” defends in Más Vale Tarde that the government should have considered individualized measures for each territory and that its region

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