Mompha Junior, the story of the 10-year-old millionaire boy who travels by private jet

Luxury cars, designer clothes, hundreds of thousands of dollar watches and private jets. The luxury life we ​​all want to have and others, like junior momThey have had it since birth. The boy – whose real name is Muhammed Awal Mustapha – was a millionaire since before he could walk and now with 10 years he can be seen posing in his life of wealth.

We can see him with a Lamborghini, eating quietly in a private plane or sitting on the hood of a Bentley Flying Spur cream you won’t get for less than $220,000. Presumably a gift from his father, who would also have offered a mansion for his sixth birthday. According to statements collected by ‘The Sun’, her father wrote at the time that “owning your own home is one of the best feelings. It cannot be described in words (…), congratulations to my son on your new home. Your birthday present from dad.

Owning a luxury car before even hitting the brakes is unthinkable for 98% of the population. The billionaire elite can afford these extravagances that make us want to be children again, but children like Mompha Junior.

However, and as we have already seen, he is not a self-made millionaire. It is a wealth inherited from his father, Ismaila Mustafa– better known as mom. He is a Nigerian influencer who has over a million followers on Instagram and is known for his outlandish boasts.

Showing off luxury is part of social media celebrity culture. If you don’t take a photo with your new car and upload it to your profile, why did you buy it? That seems to be how Mompha sees life. Although now all that seems to be gone; if you go to his Instagram now, you will find him without any photos. You will only be able to see two images: EFCC Legal Documents (The English acronym for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission).

*Mompha Junior’s Instagram account was deleted from the network between August 4 and August 5, 2022.

As ‘The Guardian Nigeria’ reported, it is because Mompha and her company, Ismalob Global Investment Ltd, are currently on trial for various crimes including laundering over $14 million. At present, he has a bad relationship with the court as he missed two court dates, one on June 16 and another on June 30. In view of these faults, Judge Mojisola Dada of the Ikeja Special Crimes Court issued a arrest warrant against you Yes bail revoked which had been offered to him on June 22, after his first absence from court.

Citizens were informed by a notice which reads: “The general public is hereby informed that ISMAILA MUSTAPHA, pictured above, is being sought by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in an alleged case of withholding proceeds of crime, possession of a document containing false statements, misrepresentation of assets and laundering proceeds of unlawful acts .

Also, it has been reported last stop in Lagos and was asked to inform the authorities of his sighting if he saw her. Just as his exuberant life on social media has been erased in substitution for both papers and his declaration of innocence in front of his followers, he claims that “he was never absent in court”, he also reports. that he’s not really a wanted man and that’s what the EFCC did to “generate more publicity on social media”. However, mom keep posting stories on instagram sing quietly.

Mompha's Instagram Story

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