New designer drugs sent in letters from a city of Granada, mysterious powders that alarm the police

Thousands of planes land and take off at airports with no passengers inside. They carry the million tonnes of cardboard and envelopes that every year they are sent from Spain to all over the world, as the research team showed in a 2019 program that laSexta republished this Friday.

Such a shipment raises suspicions near Bavaria, the POlicia intercepts a mysterious fuck in an envelope addressed to a German in his twenties. 4,000 kilometers from Germany, Armenian police find an envelope with similar content and Interpol alerts the Civil Guard

From a small town in Granada, someone sends letters containing new synthetic drugs to several points in Europe. “We determine that all letters entered come from a post office and therefore put in place an operational system, ”explains Francisco Torres, captain of the Civil Guard.

The Civil Guard detects that a woman, Ana María, makes more than 150 shipments by post in one day. Officers track the pre-retired, 63, to a town located near Granada, in Dílar. Ana María arrives at a chalet belonging to her daughter. “The girl is acting as the wife of the organization, she is pregnant and it is important that her partner is in a hurry to let the family take care of in case something happens to her and leads to certain errors”, underlines the captain.

“José Antonio, his partner, is the main leader of the organization, who gave instructions to the rest of the members, is smart, controlling and methodical in what he does and with a character that can be shaped by his partner, Estefanía. It’s hard to see José Antonio because he almost never leaves his house. He does his work from home, he has a perfectly equipped indoor gym, he has a jacuzzi. He has what it takes to lead a life without going out on the streets, except for the essentials,” he adds.

On the other hand, the research team shows how a small retired spanish businessman is behind an impressive marijuana plantation. You can watch the moment in the video below.

*The content to which the information refers is part of a 2019 Investigation Team program that laSexta republished this Friday.

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