Nova Launcher 8.0 Beta gets a big update with the new Material You design

Nova Launcher is one of the best launchers for Android and part of its success is that it stays fresh through updates. The last big update was last year’s Nova Launcher 7.0 and now it’s coming on time Nova Launcher 8.0 BetaWhat you can download now and install on your android mobile.

Nova Launcher 8.0 is based on Android 12L AOSP launcher and its main change is that supports Material You dynamic themes, that is, the colors of its interface change depending on the wallpaper. In addition, its parameters have a completely renewed design.

Nova Launcher with Material You

Nova Launcher has always been a highly customizable app launcher, but the latest 8.0 Beta release takes interface color customization one step further, with the dynamic colors from Material You.

I've changed mobile six times in ten years and I still have the same icons in the same place

The application te da muchas opciones al respecto -dedicandole toda un pestaña solo a los estilos, de modo que puedes elegir que los colores de Nova sigan a los del sistema, que se basen en los colores del fondo de pantalla o simplye elegir un color de a list. After, this color and its variations apply to virtually all interface elements.


In apps that support Material You dynamic colors, we usually don’t have many more options, but in Nova Launcher they are plentiful. From the settings you can choose the color of each element with precision separately, whether it is based on dynamic colors or if you prefer to adjust one of them manually.

new settings

Another drastic change in Nova Launcher 8.0 is in its settings, which after so many years and so many options, were starting to look a bit outdated. Nova Launcher settings now have a whole new design with more Material You flavor and less Android Lollipop.

new settings

The settings subsections are similar to what we had before, with a top search bar it will help us find what we are looking for without having to dive between the different options. Additionally, there is a dedicated tab for quickly changing color styles.

other changes

Based on Android 12L, Nova Launcher 8.0 Beta includes some Android 13 fixes, supports new gestures to swipe left or right, and includes a new option to make the full screen folders align icons at bottom.

If all of the above sounds interesting to you, you can To download Nova Launcher 8.0.1 Beta as APK from its creators website. It installs as an update, so all your settings are retained.

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