‘Olé’ pun on Messi’s absence from Ballon d’Or nominees

He didn’t rest well at all Argentina The absence of Leo Messi between the 30 Ballon d’Or nominees. After seeing that the Argentine star will not be able to defend his victory last year, the anger was unleashed between journalists and fans.

The main reaction came on the front page of the newspaper ‘Olé’, which opened its cover with the title ‘Ninguleo’in clear reference to the negligence Messi suffered for considering him not to be among the 30 best players of this 2022.”In unusual contempt, France Football erased Messi until 30! best in Europe for the price after years in the top3,” they added.

Ole's cover

Other media also did not believe the news. In ‘TyC’ published: “They didn’t offend Messi, they insulted football. You don’t know whether to get mad, angry, laugh or laugh. We must respect each other’s opinions, but the question is whether we must obediently accept disrespect,” Gastón Recondo wrote in Argentine media.

‘Bugle’ also questioned the decision in an article: “Are there 30 better footballers than Messi in 2022? Did he play worse than Nkunku, Maignan or Rudiger? And if there are, sometimes, absolute absurdities like considering that 30 players are above a Messi, who even in his lite version is still Messi.

The outrage in Argentina is remarkable. Journalists and fans do not understand the absence of Messi, who for the first time since 2005, he is not nominated at the prize awarded by ‘France Football’.

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