OPPO announces which devices it will reach and its main novelties

After opening the beta process for ColorOS 13 a few days ago, OPPO has officially released the final versionbased on Android 13 and with numerous details that were pending confirmation, such as the devices that will begin to arrive from OPPO, Realme and Vivo.

As expected, the first devices that will be able to update to ColorOS 13 They are the high-end of the company, specifically the Find X5 Pro and also the Find N models that are limited to China. These two devices they will begin to progressively receive the update in the coming weeks.

The main novelties of ColorOS 13

One of the great novelties that stands out from this new version of ColorOS is the one that OPPO has called aquamorphic designwhich focuses on offer users a more comfortable and clean visual experience. In this way it is that any user does not feel like a stranger when he starts using it. As reported from OPPO, they have been inspired by the sea with a color palette in the themes that are integrated natively, which is based on the color changes that exist in sunrises and sunsets.

Smart Always On Display Spotify Bitmoji

As we have mentioned before, OPPO wants ColorOS is more intuitive by integrating more animations, and also giving much more prominence to the cards that will offer information to the user based on their behavior. All this within a really intrusive design designed so that anyone can use it by being able to adapt to different screen sizes and icons that are recognized at a glance.

OPPO has also chosen to introduce the Omoji feature that is inspired by Memojis to be able to create a virtual avatar. This will be able to be integrated into the system as a user image of the account and also send them through different messaging services.


But one of the most important improvements that have been added is present in the experience that occurs when working with multiple devices. Specifically, the Multi-screen Connect function It will make the smartphone connect to another, but also to the PC itself. This makes it possible to integrate a file transfer system and even be able to use the applications you have on your mobile from your computer.

Multi Screen Connect

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And if we move from the visual layer and focus on the innards of the device, OPPO has integrated a new feature called Dynamic Computing Engine which promises to increase battery life and also the ability to have multiple apps open. This is achieved by taking better advantage of all the resources offered by the hardware of the devices where it is integrated.

Colors 13 Devices

OPPO’s launch plans go through launching the update for 35 different models throughout this year and that can be seen in the previous image. Likewise, if your device is not ready for 2022, in 2023 it will be released for more than 20 devices and it is possible that this list will begin to increase progressively.

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