New Features Of Android 12

Google's new line of Pixel phones will be equipped with this operating system.

Last week, Google presented its new cell phones and with them the official arrival of this new update to Android. Since the Google I/O event, the Mountain View-based company presented its new Android 12 operating system; however, last week launched the full version of this system to all devices that support it, including the new … Read more

WhatsApp, here’s how the camera will change


Significant changes such as multi-device mode take a while: but in the meantime, WhatsApp is constantly changing under the radar, especially if you look at the differences between one beta release and another, perhaps not limiting yourself to the surface and digging into the code. The latest beta release for Android,, as reported by … Read more

Google to automatically enable two-step authentication for more than 150 million users this year

Google to automatically enable two-step authentication

Google has been taking steps for some time now to raise the security level of all its services, as evidenced by the fact that end-to-end encryption has reached its RCS messaging, starring Google Messages. Or as the continued commitment to its Titan Key physical keys, which in its latest iteration included NFC to be used … Read more

Nova Launcher turns ten years old and remains the best Android launcher you can install

NOVA launcher

On December 13, 2011, Nova Launcher, one of the most popular Android launchers, celebrated its tenth anniversary. Over the years, the app has remained updated and offers one of the most comprehensive and extensive ways to customize your phone. It has remained the best launcher to date. I first installed Nova Launcher on my Android … Read more

Google wants a generic kernel for Android: faster updates and better security

Android Kernel Benefits

It is not that Android is a completely open-source operating system or Open Source since, despite being based on the Linux kernel, and although there is a completely free version of the system (Android Open Source Project or AOSP), Google includes in certified devices several proprietary applications and services. Even so, Android maintains the base … Read more

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