PSOE urges Feijóo to study ‘a bit more’ after slashing energy decree as ‘act of authoritarianism’

Joy Pillar urge Alberto Nunez Feijoo study “a little more” to make mistakes “a little less” after his criticism of the energy saving measures of the government, stressing that they are the same as those of the rest of the countries of the European Union.

The Socialist spokeswoman and Minister of Education thus responded to the leader of the PP, after having assured in statements to ‘The country‘ that the approval of the energy decree is “an act of authoritarianism” and cross out the rules as “unnecessary”.

According to Alegría, to describe as authoritarian a government “elected by the citizens” and the measures it puts in place, which are approved by Parliament, is to affirm that “far from the image of moderate” with which Feijóo wants to present himself.

So he asked her – “with all due respect”, he said – that “study a little morebecause when you study a little more, you make a little fewer mistakes”. “When you read and know” the decree and the measures, he asserts, “you quickly realize that it is the same measures that are applied by the 27 countries of the EU”.

“We are talking about an energy saving plan born from the unity of the European continent, a strong unity to face Putin’s blackmail”, defended the minister, who also disfigured the main party of opposition for becoming a “cricket cage”.

In the same vein, he criticized the fact that the PP “continues to give the same answer, ‘no for no’, because this is the role in which the People’s Party is comfortable: in an obstructionist opposition and in negationist opposition”.

Calviño: “The opposition must leave the ‘no’ corner”

Also the economic vice-president, Nadia Calvinourged the opposition to “get out of the “no” corner, start lending a hand and helping to defend the interests of Spain” and lamented that Feijóo “has aligned himself with the most extreme position of the PP, with the destructive attitude and denial“.

He did it in an interview in ‘The lighthouse of Vigoin which he defended the measures adopted by the government and considered that the Spanish energy policy “inspires the European response”.

Calvino, who argued that the gas cap allows our country to have “wholesale prices much lower” than those of its neighbours, it also ruled on the construction of the intermediate pipelineclaiming that “the reinforcement of the interconnection capacity is positive so that Spain can become a kind of logistics center to supply gas and electricity” to the rest of Europe.

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